Revenue share taxfree

Hey guys.
I know the frogs are comming from all over the world. So different countrys, different tax laws.

But i think that in many countrys it would be beneficial to give out the revenue share dividends to holders as an airdrop and not as an staking rewards.

If youre not doing something for the aidrop the advantage is, that its not taxed.

So as The Professor suggested I would propose to give out dividends to people just holding wMEMO (or whatever token will come) for a special time. Like 30days in a row holding then you get 10% rev share. 60 days holding gives you 15% and so on.

The result wouldnt be different to the staking option, but for many frogs it would save a lot of taxes.

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This one is tricky, because like you said:

For me airdrop are taxable, so doesn’t change much. Also, I believe I saw that the IRS (USA) would not tax staking rewards? This could be a game changer for a lot of people. Some countries tend to follow what the US does.

Good idea in general, maybe an option for both ? Who knows…

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Iam from Europe but just checked the internet. In the USA staking rewards are taxed. So from the “USA world center view”, it would make no difference…

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This is pretty new so might not be updated everywhere… or I’m misunderstanding this

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Puh yeah. Again uncertainty about taxes. But at the moment it seems that staking require taxes

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