Revenue sharing options for collateralized positions

More than 45mm mims were borrowed against Wmemo by Frogs (According to Abracadabra on Avalanche).
These are frogs who believe enough in the project that they not only hold long term, but also believe in a reasonable floor for the price (liquidation price), as well as borrow more to be able to participate with a bigger share of the cookie. So all in all, it can be said that such frogs are strong believers in the project.
That being said, they’re in for the rewards. If these people were excluded from getting rewarded by the protocol, then maybe it’s suboptimal.

From my understanding - and correct me if I’m wrong - you need to stake wMemo to be able to participate in revenue sharing.
But when you’re in a collateralized position, your wMemo is held by the Abra contract and is not present in your wallet for staking. i.e. you can’t participate in the very thing that you were in the project for, that is revenue sharing.

I’m not a blockchain expert, nor am I an expert on the dynamics between Wonderland and Abracadabra.
I’m just a community member raising a concern to discuss the best coarse of action.
Perhaps we could integrate with Abra somehow to do the staking for the Wmemo that’s held there, perhaps something else that you guys can inspire us with.

I’ll keep watching the replies and update the solutions paragraph with plausible solutions for the rest of the community to find them easier.

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The team is already working with Abracadabra to try and have a new cauldron that will count for revenue share.

Source: Sifu in Discord.


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