[RFC] - Appointment of Treasury Operators

[RFC] - Appointment of Treasury Operators


Appoint two Treasury Operators (TO) as defined in WIP #15.


Appoint TOs to help the protocol generate returns and increase yield for the treasury by researching and discussing potential investment ideas (farms, arbitrage opportunity, risk reduction, etc.).

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High Level Overview:

  • Appoint Deal
  • Don’t appoint Deal
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[DAO Discussion] - Treasury Operator - Deal

  • Appoint Ferengi
  • Don’t appoint Ferengi
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[DAO Discussion] - Treasury Operator - Ferengi

Low Level Details:

Treasury Operators are meant to foster communication, coordinate with managing members of the protocol, and guide cooperation in developing and monitoring trading strategies.

The individuals elected as Treasury Operators are incentivized to develop market research or trade analysis regarding the deployment of treasury assets.

These positions are effective indefinitely, until the individual(s) holding the Treasury Operator position steps down or is relieved of the position through emergency and/or governance process

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:

  • Appointed TOs will be doxxed as described in WIP 15.
  • Per their application, Appointed TOs will not be added to the multisig.
  • Appointed TOs will be added to the required group chats to ensure proper communication.

After a review by the team and confirming the intent behind the requirements for TOs, it was determined that two out of the four applications did not meet the requirement of having “an established presence within the community either through our forum or Discord”.

The two applicants are encouraged to continue their engagement with the community and apply for a trading team position in the future if they are still interested.


I support both candidates :heart:


I shall hand over my treasury to a Ferengi? Deal! :smiley:


Both Deal and Ferengi have been super active in the community for a longgggg time now. Both actively participate in discussions and contribute their ideas/input regularly.

I think both of them would do a great job.


Both candidates have shown extraordinary talents within our community and have been with us through tough times and good times and never wither, fully support both of these gentlemen!


These are both trusted members of the community who have shown a commitment to the improvement of Wonderland during their extended history with us. I would fully support both of these candidates to be appointed as Treasury Operators!


If we want the industry to mature based on the integrity of the team; before agreeing either individual, i have a few questions:
(1) What are their real names (first and last name)?
(2) Has there been any background check; due diligence on previous experience(s)? It is not good enough to say they have been working in the community…etc.
(3) Have there been any referrals, reference checks?


Doxxing will be done as per WIP 15 and therefore wont be shared with the community unless they desire so.

In term of reference/experience, both have discussed strategies and trading on a regular basis with the team and community.

Given the nature of the position, neither of them will be handling funds directly and all their strategies will be reviewed by other elected members before being implemented to ensure their is no foul play involved.


Both talented inviduals get my vote. They have earned my trust by being active and helpful in the community, doxxing to team will boost that even more. Both are also very aware of different strategies and up to date on DeFi in general.


I support both! Lets do this!


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