[RFC] - Community Rewards Proposal

[RFC] - Community Rewards Proposal


Establish the foundation for a community rewards system.

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[DAO Discussion] - Community Rewards Proposal


This proposal aims at introducing a community reward system that would reward anyone who brings valuable opportunities to the DAO. This is not a bounty system, and rewards are not paid immediately, but when profits have been locked in.

  • Implement community rewards
  • Yes, but see my comments below
  • Make No Changes

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High Level Overview

This proposal will provide guidelines on the following:

  • Procedures
  • Eligibility
  • Reward distribution

Provide Low Level Details


Community members will be able to present an opportunity via a ticket bot system.

Each ticket should include, at minimum, the following details:

  • Project/Protocol name & official links
  • A summary of the due diligence done (e.g. founders/management details, history, etc)
  • Risk assessment and profitability estimation, including a realistic range of returns
  • Timeline for profit taking estimations

For seed investments, a full project plan with all standard forecasts should be included.

Tickets will be reviewed, answered and recorded, to be released for transparency when needed, or to settle disputes.

Any seemingly valid strategy has to be properly vetted by the Risk Officer, voted by the treasury council and go through the proper governance process when applicable. Any community strategy implemented is to be managed and overseen by the applicable elected member(s).

Any tickets that do not meet the minimum requirements will be discarded with the reason why it was not considered. To be reconsidered, a new ticket with the missing information should be submitted.

Eligibility requirements and reward distribution:

The submitted opportunity must meet a profitability threshold of a minimum of 10% return for the protocol - this threshold may be reviewed and changed depending on market conditions via the established DAO treasury guideline votes.

Tickets will be eligible on a first come first serve basis.

Reward Distribution

Rewards for strategies must be gained within the estimated and negotiated timeline for profit taking. A reward of 3% based on applicable profits per opportunity is proposed. This main may be reviewed and changed via the established DAO treasury guideline votes.

If a strategy fails to achieve the minimum threshold within the agreed timeline, no rewards occur. If a strategy meets the goal within a delay of 25% the original agreed timeline, a reward of 1,5% shall be given.

If a strategy performs twice as well as expected, a bonus of 2% will be awarded. A bonus of 2% will be given if a strategy returns double or more than estimated.

These rewards will be distributed when profit is claimed and calculated on the total profit amount, before final distribution to the farm/treasury. Rewards are given in the claimed profit asset.

Business and technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:

A bot to record submissions will have to be created as well as proper documentation for the distribution of rewards.


My name is The Ferengi and I support this proposal!


My name is Captain Picard and I also approve of this proposal.


My name is Yury Khanin, I agree with this.

I do have some ideas for our community.

Would love to share with this bot.


My name is Yaksha and I also fully support this proposal!


My name is AriPrasca and I support this proposal!


My name is karthick I support this proposal


People voting “see my comments below” and don’t comment 🥹

Lets do it, Nal X 🫡


Great Idea. 2 questions:

  1. what does it mean “Tickets will be eligible on a first come first serve basis” in the context of this proposal?
  2. will there be a dashboard of all submissions and their disposition?

Glad you like it.

  1. It simply means that if two person submit the same idea. The person that submitted it first will get the rewards associated to that strategy if implemented.
  2. Don’t know about a dashboard, but we will keep track of all submissions and disclose their implementation/profits, etc.

I am excited to see this proposal working in conjunction with the Treasury Allocation Proposal! :eyes:


My name is Fry and I approve this message!


Reading the proposals today makes me want to cry. It’s like a dream come true. LFG.


My name is secret to prevent doxing but let’s get this show on the road. :slight_smile:


this is bcm and i fully support this rfc


Should say 10% annualized ROI to clarify. There’s also some weirdness with sandbagging your own proposal to get the 5%. Probably should just offer 5% for something that earns 20-25% or more. People expecting to make 30% on some investment may propose that it will make 15% in the hopes of it “surprisingly” returning 30% to attain the bonus.


From the live discussion yesterday: Add that these proposals be disclosed on a regular basis. Potentially quarterly/once a strategy has been completed and the criteria to pay the proposer were met.


LFG I have 42069 ideas with rewards pending :slight_smile:


bro dont get me started lmao