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Working to get a AMA setup so people can get their questions answered! Maybe even change a few of the no votes to a yes :wink:
There are no longer 400 NFTs remaining, but whatever the amount remaining could be purchased or it could be a straight token deal.

After going through their company website and literature, I am against investing in this company for the following reasons:

Their pitch deck doesn’t mention a first market or source of revenue. Even within medical data, there are different challenges and strategies for different conditions (i.e. diabetes glucose monitoring vs pacemaker data). The absence of this on their website/pitch desk indicates they are not ready for revenue or funding until they have a more developed strategy for this topic.

Noone on the founding team has a background in HIPAA, medical data privacy, or the legal/regulatory side of healthcare records. This will be a big question and ongoing challenge. There are tons of existing laws that must be followed for this startup, which will be more complicated. Subsequently, the fact that noone on the team is in this area is a huge red flag. Further, the founders are also board members. This is very unusual for startups.

That being said, this startup could turn into something successful in the future. However, the ROI will be MUCH longer than 9 months. If we are looking at this as a short term investment, it is not a good investment.


Thank you for the feedback and taking the time to review the website- these are very good questions, and I don’t have the answers to all of them, but I’ll see what I can find out.

It’s very possible it will take longer. It’s also possible that a single person or partnership causes this to blast-off.

If you like the idea, follow along and wait for the app and token launch!

It will definitely take longer than outlined in the proposal. I work with startups frequently, and big gaps such as the ones I mentioned previously take a lot of time.

Like I said, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea, or can’t make money eventually. Just that it would be a much riskier investment than it is currently portrayed, and it would be an irresponsible use of treasury to invest in it at this time. I am fully for coming back to the idea later when these ideas are more developed.

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Perhaps the co-founders could shed more light on the current state of development. All I know is that there are partnerships in the works and the MVP app is coming soon. Hoping we can do an AMA next week :slight_smile:

Hey! Got an AMA setup for January 23rd @ 8:30 PST. Hope we can flip some votes and get a little more support too. All feedback is welcomed, I personally believe in the team and think that healthcare is an upcoming field where you will see more and more blockchain/crypto adoption. Of course there are no guarantees, but there’s significant potential.

What are your plans to navigate the regulatory environment around HIPPA and medical privacy laws.

JennyCo Team AMA!

Join us for an AMA with the team from JennyCo!

Read through their proposal, and then submit your questions for the JennyCo Team in advance in our #ama-questions channel on Discord or here. Time permitting, we will then take questions live from the audience!

When: 2023-01-23T16:30:00Z
Where: AMA Stage Channel

This event will be recorded for those who are unable to tune in live. Don’t miss it!

I love this concept. I’m positive this kind of data market will find a place in our world in the future, likely quite soon. JennyCo seems to have a decent idea on how to handle it, on what they want to do. After listening to the AMA, I’ve got some questions.

Firstly, when speaking about revenue generation, they provided a variety of different avenues that remain somewhat vague in relation to our investment.

• Sale of DNA tests and wellness insights - in fiat or JCO tokens?

  • If in fiat, is there a distribution model considered that would involve wonderland if we entered an equity position at this early stage?

  • If in JCO tokens, would the user need to by JCO tokens from the open market or through JennyCo directly, like a private LP?

  • If we don’t enter an equity position, could we describe part of our upside with this investment as the appreciation of JCO token value through consistent demand from Users?

• Purchase of Data from buyers (researchers and corps) - described as being done through JCO tokens.

  • Is it Only through JCO tokens?

  • Would a data buyer need to purchase JCO tokens from the open market or through JennyCo directly?

  • If WL does not enter an equity position, could most of our upside in this investment be described as the appreciation of JCO token value through consistent demand from data buyers?

• (not referenced) In the event JennyCo is sold to a larger firm and absorbed as one of their services (likely), what does that look like for our equity position if we go that route?

  • What class of ownership would WL be entitled to, with consideration for VC funding rounds that follow our investment?

Secondly, what does JennyCo need the funds for? What does our financial investment bring to the table? I don’t care about the nitty gritty. I mean, what can’t JennyCo do without this first round of funding, or to put it another way, how does this extra funding give JennyCo a boost toward their next milestones? Extra cash on hand is great, but are there any benefits for JennyCo from this investment that can be described?

Can JennyCo please prepare a blurb about
• Their team’s experience with regulatory environments
• Examples of current regulatory hurdles they are engaging with or preparing to engage with
• (as was mentioned in the AMA) Examples of information they know they don’t yet know, and projected pathways for accessing that knowingly unknown information when the time comes to need it, and when that time is expected to be for the provided examples). I can provide an example to explain what I mean below;

“We know we don’t yet know the exact route to legally offer medical advice in Kentucky - but we do know there is some special requirement there and we don’t need to dive into that until we actually want to offer that service in Kentucky, which isn’t for another year at least. When we get to that stage, we will lean on Stites & Harbison for regulatory compliance and the University of Kentucky for initial access to users and local advisors.”

(There is no vague special requirement for offering medical advice in Kentucky, that’s just an example.)

On the mention of AWS servers hosting user data and their compliance with HIPPA and the sort; can you offer any readily available public material to WL that highlights this compliance, and an example of the flow of information? An infographic flowchart might be very useful for this - showing users entering the data, where that data is housed, how JennyCo uses that data, and the interaction between Data Buyers and JennyCo.

I want to highlight something I heard in the description given during the AMA for handling User Data that may have been misunderstood by some, correct me if I am wrong.

Data Buyers never actually have direct access to any user data.

A Data Buyer must create a program that will sift through data to find the relevant end-point results for their questions (how many people in Kentucky like Dark Chocolate). Then the Data Buyer sends that program to JennyCo and JennyCo feeds the user data into the program for the Data Buyer. The program has to spit out results and only the answers are given to the Data Buyer. (only 22% of people like Dark Chocolate in Kentucky)

The Data Buyer never sees the Data that goes into their program, they just get the results for the questions they asked. (they should ship less Dark Chocolate to Kentucky)

The last question I have right now; how much attention initially does JennyCo plan to put on data collection outside of medical data? Are there any serious efforts being carved out to bring in consumer brands right out of the gate?

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Thank you so to everyone who tuned in today for our AMA with the team from JennyCo!

For those who missed it, you can listen to the event recording here:

Would there be a way to invest at milestones?
As milestones are met, Wonderland would contemplate buying more.

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Website has the Home visible on the Home Page. Very poorly made website with redundant links. Information available on Jennyco. is vague to put it mildly. Suggested partnerships with Universities but no links no articles no mentions of even the name of the university. Not enough information to invest.

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