[RFC] Multisig Enhancement

[RFC] Multisig Enhancement


The multisig enhancements are being proposed again following the recent vote. Process was modified to increase implementation speed and additional information was given around the signers to compensate.


The goal of this proposal is to modify the current multisig appointed in WIP #21.

  • Modify the multisig members based on legal consultation.
  • Improve the multisig efficiency.

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  • Yes, make the changes
  • No, don’t make the changes

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High Level Details:

As a result of WIP #28 and WIP #30, five officers have been appointed to Wonderland Core Team.

As a recommendation to reduce liability on core team members, they should not hold another sensitive position to the protocol’s security.

It is also recommended that Wonderland refrains from publicly doxing the individuals participating in the multisig, as it is not a paid position and the DAO does not cover potential security issues nor the costs to limit the risks that may arise due to this role.

Provide Low Level Details:

In order to achieve the objectives above, here is what is being proposed:

  • Remove @NalX from the multisig
    • Will be removed after the new signers have been added.
  • Add two new members to the multisig
    • One neutral party and one community member with no official or unofficial role in Wonderland (e.g. officers, treasury operators, moderators).
  • Keep the multisig requiring three signatures to execute transactions (3/6).
    • This aims at improving execution time while sacrificing limited security.

We will consult with legal and implement additional suggestions to improve the security of this process.

Before anyone is added to the multisig, they will be internally doxxed to the Operations Officer and Financial Officer.

The team proposes to add:

Snapfire, solidity dev and part of two other multisigs, no relation to Wonderland. A neutral 3rd party, that has extensive knowledge, can create complex transactions and will solve the current issue that the Technical officer needs to be asked for assistance for these transactions.

Dark Knight, a long term community member. He has experience with multisigs as well and has no role in Wonderland or any affiliation with other protocols.

Both are able to read and verify the needed information, are diligent and active daily. Activity times (time zones) overlap with existing signers, so establishing an organized structure with an additional member will ensure fast and frictionless execution times. Both are willing to be fully doxxed internally.

Since an RFC is a “work in progress” Proposal, not all of these points need to be filled out from the beginning. They can be added over time as the RFC evolves into a mature Proposal.


My feedback in the DD was not clarified. Do I get to know who Dark Knight is??


It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do, that defines me.

I can tell you who Dark Knight is but then you have to be 7 drinks Alice first before I release that classified information.

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Thank you to the team for at least attempting to respond to community feedback and attempt to make the proposal better. Updates still need to be discussed but I appreciate the process it has taken thus far.

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Thank you for the updated version of this proposal, it seems good to go now :two_hearts:

Since no concerns or comments have been addressed so far, the proposal appears to be clear.

Let’s move on, everything is clear!

I’m on board with these changes.

Proposal was moved to WIP: