[RFC] - New Role - Multisig Signer

[RFC] - New Role - Multisig Signer

  • Elect JClemons as multisig signer and Nal X as unpaid signer with no/few changes to below proposal
  • Make significant changes to below proposal
  • No, I do not support the proposal

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Name: [RFC] - New Role - Multisig Signer

Scope: Proposal to institute a new role, multisig signer, and elect two community members to the role

Link to previous [DAO Discussion]: “[DAO Discussion] - New Role - Multisig Signer”

Objective: To finalize role requirements, expectations, compensation, tenure for the multisig signer role, as well elect two members

Provide Low Level Details:

  • Able to review, understand and sign multisig transactions
  • Available as needed, potentially up to 5 days per week, and several hundred transactions per month


  • Flat fee of $2,000 per month with potential to revise this figure or add a bonus if appropriate
  • Backup multisig signers will not receive compensation unless they actually do work, then they will be compensated in a similar manner to multisig signers at a rate determined by the TM


  • Initial tenure shall be 6 months starting at 23:59 UTC on the day of the snapshot vote, allowing WL time to build out the treasury team. After 6 months, the term will expire and multisig signers will have to be renewed through a governance proposal if deemed necessary

Who is jclemons?
(written by jclemons)

  • Previous law enforcement many years back but the last 25 years worked in IT Infrastructure & Security
    • Work from home 99% of the time
  • I have been trading crypto for over one year, post most of my trades in #memes
  • I am familiar with etherscan or snowtrace
    • If I don’t understand a transaction I’m not about to blindly sign it
  • In complete transparency I don’t know yieldchad and he doesn’t know me nor have we doxxed to each other yet

“I’ve been with wonderland since December. I’m active in discord helping people with questions especially when mods haven’t responded timely. There’s examples from today even in #price-talk & #how-does-wonderland-work today. I have been active in pushing participation in governance proposals to try to get community engaged so everyone has a say and we can improve things for everyone’s benefit. I think the mods might be better to attest to my helping. I like to help out because it’s my way of giving back, I was once new and appreciate the help that others gave me.”

  • Yes, I am highly active in discord and sleep very little if you are tracking my posts :slightly_smiling_face:
  • I can say that you won’t find a person with more integrity then myself. It can’t be bought.
    If you find a more qualified and trusted person in the community who is willing I’d support them.

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:
New electees will have to be added to the multiple multisigs owned by WL

Since an RFC is a “work in progress” Proposal, not all of these points need to be filled out from the beginning. They can be added over time as the RFC evolves into a mature Proposal.


If you are going to pay someone for doing such an important and critical job, you must at least put his story/achievements. Who is jclemons? He’s very active on the discord, I think we all know that… What else?

If you are proposing him just for being active, we could propose him as MOD.

I would like to know more about him: experience in crypto, tx made per day, blockchain reading, portfolio value, etc. This world is much more complicated than just using Kucoin futures


Agreed multisig is an important security measure that requires high level understanding of the proposed action. We should not give it out to just any discord member or mod they need to be qualified, especially since we’d be paying them.


Great point, we absolutely need to do more to introduce JClemons, his background, and why he is supported to run for this position. Will get to this shortly.


Here are my more collected thoughts on this comment.

The multisig signer role is not an investment management position - this role does not have decision making capability for the treasury, or investments. Portfolio size or trading experience is unnecessary in my opinion, provided that the candidate knows what it is they are signing. Demonstrated commitment to Wonderland is far more important. That being said, you are absolutely correct that this RFC should do more to introduce JClemons and explain why he is a great fit for the role. What we need for this role is someone who is:

  1. Available - the time requirements for operating a multisig are significant
  2. Committed to Wonderland - this person must be motivated in order to ensure timely operation of the multisig
  3. Understanding of what they are signing - this person should have familiarity with DeFi to ensure that they understand every Tx they are signing.

Beyond the above, in my opinion, is unnecessary.

It would be easy to just get a mod to join the multisig, but if we want more active community governance, it means taking members from the community and adding them to important positions. JClemons is active in governance and the discord, and has demonstrated his commitment to Wonderland. He has the support of the mod team, which is a big sign.

I will leave it to JClemons to introduce himself to the community in more detail. Hope this helps.


To add to that:

Jclemons has my full support, he has shown integrity, honesty and is very knowledgable.
Anybody that talks to him daily on discord (like I do) gets to know him as somebody to trust, that does more than just his DYOR and due diligence on any topic.

He wouldn‘t just sign something because he is told to do so, he has the skill to read txs and is able to be abailable without issues.
He trades, which does not even matter for the position - but that gives him a good understanding of the protocols the multisig will interact with.

All in all a multisig signer needs to be available, able to read txs, know how to keep data secure, reliable and trustworthy. Neither the portfolio value, nor trading skills matter - it‘s not a TM position, it‘s a signer - nothing more, nothing less.

To comment on the „he could be a mod“ comment:
Sure, he could, without any doubt he‘d make a great moderator, but we don‘t need moderators - we need multi signers that know the protocol the same. For that jclemons is the perfect choice imo, he won‘t bail out if it gets difficult, is honest and reliable and having a community member without bias on the multisig is exactly what our DAO needs, imo.