[RFC] - Offer Rage Quit Before Other Decisions Are Made

At this stage I would say that neither rage quit neither buybacks are of a solution for moving forward. If someone wants to quit the solution is simple, sell your tokens! Buybacks will most likely drain the treasure… Unless there are some magic steps that I don’t know about…

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I would like to vote “No” to offer Rage Quit. If anyone wants to get out of the project, they are always welcome to sell at market price and move on. But then these folks will not take that option, stay around and be an obstacle going forward.
I am not a big investor and am down close to 35K but would like to see WL succeed. I was sold by ideas that Daniele talks about from time to time and I want him to be thinking about disruptive ideas in Defi rather than be worrying on day to day affairs of WL.

So, I will be voting “Yes” for those folks who would like to rage quit, get their money and be out of this project, so that we can move forward towards a goal.

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It is absolutely absurd to not include the BSGG token value when calculating backing price. They are in the treasury and part of the value of wonderland as much as anything else in the treasury. The 100 MM airdrop has happened so treasury held BSGG can be easily and reliably added to the backing price calculation, would be approximately 39K at this time.

I think that’s totally fine. See it as a punishment for ragequitting early. You can’t have everything. If you stay you get BSGG value, if not you don’t. Simple

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I agree that an exit based on treasury value is important for the protocol. Ohm called this reverse bonding. Suggest revising this proposal to make the option persistently available in the future. In addition, I think redemptions should only be available at a discount of treasury value to discourage arbitrage. At 20% discount, a person would be able to trade their wmemo for 80% of backed value.

I think this approach would allow retail investors to exit while protecting the treasury for those who want to go forward.

Randomly selecting assets to be part of the backing value calculation or excluding them makes no sense at all. Either there is a rage quit at full value or there isn’t one at all.

I think before proceding with the rage quit, there should be more clarity on what’s going to be the future for Wonderland. Questions like ‘who’s going to manage the treasury?’ ‘Who’s gong to be part of the new team?’ ‘What’s the new business plan?’ ‘Which are the planned revenue generating sources?’ ‘Which are the main value growth streams?’ should be at least clarified in order to give many people the chance to reconsider choosing the rage quit option. Without those informations, I and many other frogs may choose the RQ because the only thing we have now is uncertainty.

Nope, BSGG token are for hodlers. If you are quitting, then you are not getting it.

I do not support rage quit at all, so that people who bought under backing can make gain and long term holders will lose, hell no from me.

Totally agree on this. There needs to be a balance.

I’m staying, I’m hodling, I think we have a lot to build on, and I support rage quit. I want those that want to be gone, gone. They are really killing the mood and holding us back. We can recover 200mm. The divisiveness is harder to recover from. I know, unpopular hodler opinion. I fully admit that I could be wrong and it’s a bad idea, but I don’t want them here and they won’t leave on their own.

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Right now the community is extremely divided. If the part of the community that does not want to be in anymore is kept, such decisions will be greatly delayed. Am all for rage quit before decisions like this are made.

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What if majority of the holders sell at backing price and buy more wMemo below the backing price, how will this effect the treasury? I am assuming this is for people who bought above the backing price and want to rage quit with a loss or is this open to anyone to rage quit regardless of when they purchased and get paid the backing price? That should not be allowed! If you want to rage quit with a loss then fine, let’s get rid of these people to move on. If they purchased below backing price then they should not be allowed a pay out at backing price.

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Then the market price quickly go back to backing, it won’t take much. Around 10m something like that, then everyone wins.

I had to vote no because it is absurd for people to be able to rage quit and then immediately buy back at a low price because the liquidity is still running.

You have to pull the liquidity pool, so that there can be no sales, during the rage quit period.


We should two actions:

  • Backing price will become smaller as the treasury depletes.
  • Price should increase as people buy.

This could create a run on the bank scenario as people who quit first benefit the most. It might make sense to enable quotas of time that can be redeemed through protocol per day.

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Backing price will not change, no matter how many people rage quit. There will be a smaller treasury, but also a smaller wMEMO supply!

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Backing price is unchanged… Actually will increase if BSGG isn’t included in the calculations and given to people that don’t ragequit

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