Road map for the future

Of course, everything here could be edited as people give their thoughts but i want to get something going now.
I think regardless of what’s happening now, we need to remain focused on the long term vision of Wonderland as it’s obviously in all of our best interest to keep things moving.
A few ideas here that I personally believe would help us.
-For the sake of community trust, an audit should be done. I think this will help those who are skeptical at the moment.
-We need a list of what is in talks/being worked on.
-A way to improve communication between the team and the investors, So essentially the point above.
-I know “frog nation” has a YouTube now, but maybe we start a Wonderland channel to create visual guides demonstrating FAQ like how to stake, wrap, benefits of wrapping, etc. This would also help those who spend a lot of time in support on the discord as we could make troubleshooting videos to show people and have everything in one place along with linking it to the site and discord.
-If Sifu is voted out, I simply request he makes a public announcement acknowledging that the team had no idea as to his true identity(as we didn’t) so it will help soften the blow as this has already ripped through the media.
-Create another discord channel for deep thinkers that we have to give users a certain role to get access to so we can build on each others ideas for the future without the congestion of general chat with everything going on.
-Slightly more controversial on this one but I think we should stop the buybacks soon. If we cant hold the line at backing and its half of backing then it’s kinda free money for those buying back under backing. Let the dust settle and figure out where we’re at and go from there.
-With so many frogs in the project, I feel as if we need to really push people to bring their investment ideas/proposals to the forum. I see a lot of chatter in general and such but we need to herd those ideas over here, and then get the rest of the community excited/engaged enough to come here and vote on all the ideas while also adding their own twists to others ideas. The collective knowledge of the Discord when you subtract those who are there to cause havoc is very impressive and i think if e could get more people engaged in the higher level discussions it would be greatly beneficial.

I know this was all over the place, sorry i’m at work at just wanted to type this while it was on my mind. Please add whatever you think as i want this to be a spot where we focus solely on the future of the project because regardless of what happens next, we’re all still here. I have no plans of leaving, and will be trying to come up with more precise suggestions to come back with tonight. Thanks for taking the time to read this


absolutely agreed… panic isnt helping…transparicy and a plan to move forward is

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Totally agree.
I still believe in Wonderland as an investment vehicle that distributes profits/revenue to token holders is the most sound strategy. AND ITS THE ORIGINAL INTENT of the damn protocol

Honestly, for the next few days, I hope FUD keeps the price down and has a bunch of paper hands selling below backing. That benefits holders who will get ownership of a bigger portion of the treasury.

Hopefully Dani can stay motivated to drive Wonderland forward after the dust settles


Letting this gloom over us any longer then the snapshot is self inflicted pain. Lots of understandable skepticism but as you said panic isn’t going to help anything. We just really need to lay everything out and figure out where we are since things have been moving so fast.

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As we build on ideas in here, tonight when i get home from work I’ll make sure to start drafting individual proposals for the ideas that people seem to agree with. Figured we could use this one to bounce more ideas off each other since the majority are focused elsewhere right now.

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I think the buybacks should continue and here’s why:

  1. The treasury buying below backing is good for the people who hold their wmemo. It increases the backing per remaining wmemo.
  2. People who want to be able to sell should be able to sell. If they’re selling for half its value, then the treasury is making a wise decision to buy it imo.

The only reason to not do the buyback would be that we want to keep a giant treasury to be able to do bigger deals. But that can happen later by re-minting. Right now the buybacks are guaranteed returns (unless Wonderland busts, in which case buybacks or not is irrelevant).

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I’m definitely split on the buybacks, you make good points.

Agree with all. Especially ending the buybacks. The money used for buybacks are better suited for profit share to reward the holders. Revenue share + apy should be able to a significant value proposition. We should not be allowing our treasury to be manipulated by bad actors.

I propose that wonderland immediately move to a revenue share model. Buybacks are useless. Let the price of wmemo settle where it may and stop bailing out people who leveraged. The treasury is healthy enough to support revenue sharing. That way we the investors can decide if we want to reinvest or invest elsewhere.

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