Road mapping - navigating the m00n

Okay so we clearly need a better/more thorough sense of direction moving forward. Let’s talk about the current state of affairs.

Rage quit is finally over, thank the lord. Now what’s on the list?

These are the main things I have noticed that keep popping up over the last month or so of starring at my computer screen until my eyes bleed. hehe

So first things first, before we can address or attempt to implement new strategies we must take the time to look in the mirror. If we fail to do this we will wonder forward just as blindly as before. It is very important to address previous flaws in the system and make changes to improve upon them. This will benefit us more than any badass VC gaming investment or throwing 100mill at a high yield protocol will ever do for us. Think long term! We must be strong internally before we try to evolve. We are not baby birds, if we push ourselves out of the nest we will most likely fall on a cactus and die a horrible death.

So how do we do this? I believe the responsibility is fully held within the hands of the dao and the community. NOT the team. The team is here to get shit done but they are not responsible for creating the environment we choose to place ourselves in. Just like the builders of any nice park are not responsible for the crowd it may draw in over time. The team provides the backbone and the support needed for the community and other daoist’s to take things further and further. A dao needs investors just as much as it, or I would argue even less than it needs people to help strengthen and build upon its current ecosystem. Why is it exciting to invest in crypto, besides the possibility of making a lot of money? because we are building a literal economy! we are creating value out of thin air and it’s literally working!

Sooo lets do it right… if you’re an early investor who got screwed by what happened in January that’s tough shit… I’m sorry for you… I really am, that whole thing just sucked. but it’s over and I suggest either leaving or turning any negative energy you have into positive energy by using this opportunity to create a better future rather than hold onto shame and grief from the past. Your hair will stop graying so fast i promise.

There’s a good prayer out there that goes

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference

I’m not a praying man myself but I highly suggest we learn from that wisdom.

All the attention is on wonderland to make a move, ignore the desperate fudsters, ignore the scammer opportunists, ignore the people demanding action on their own behalf. They have their own motives in mind and do not care about the community or the project.

Wonderland is trying to create treasury, treasuries don’t budge at others… quite the opposite, they move markets with the smallest wave of their finger. The question is how do we get to that point in a way that is healthy, honest, and good for everyone? There is plenty of money to go around that is for sure, the only limiting factor is dooming ourselves by means of some self fulling prophesy through tactless negligence.

I agree with the current way things are being addressed for the most part. VC and investing oriented is a very smart long term move, but prioritizing treasury growth and dao communication, governance, satisfaction/happiness should be the areas of immediate focus while the more difficult things are being hashed out. without a growing treasury, any idea of rev share is literally not possible. And without structuring and maintaining good VC relationships, building an expanding ecosystem is impossible.

I think what the recent market crash has made evident is that we were much too focused on the roi and not the strength of the treasury and it’s ability to hold strong in the face of volatility… (easy fix buy gold and corn to manage risk :p) I mean if risk is mitigated properly utilizing leveraged opportunities is a no brainer as the losses could be factored in easily and and thus any ensuing event could be planned for. Also, granted, the crash that happened in January was a literal worst case scenario, but it offers insight in how to plan for the future better than anything I could ever imagine.

Now as to getting the dao more involved with itself… that is a tricky problem better suited for the creative minds present. The dao needs to understand, yes we rely on the investors and the treasury managers and the developers to give us the “project” we are involved in. BUT the people involved in the project need to understand that the value of a project is determined not by any dollar amount, but by the innovative minds who step up and take ideas further, make projects better, and improve upon what’s already been done in the past. Dao’s in crypto are communities of people made up of 45% enthusiasts, 30% serious investors, 12% of people who want to engineer, innovate, and create, and 18% of people who literally can’t do math and make up statistics to prove a point.

So how do we make this place better? what can we do? We don’t have to vote on everything! We can make our own ideas and put them into action without asking as long as it doesn’t directly effect wonderland directly!

For instance, someone can make a ui that search’s through various crypto sectors/up and coming projects to sort through for potentially good vc deals! somone can make a twitter account called wonderlandfud.eth and sarcasm the shit out of all the serious fuders and anarchists’ that want to see us fail! Someone can track treasury investments and come up with their own indicators and highlights they think are important to watch and share it with the community! My point is that there are so many different ways to be helpful, I know most people seem to rather sit on the sidelines and pay money to yell at the players and referees in the game. But getting involved and contributing in feasible ways is much more satisfying and breeds much better results than that.

So what’s next? in my book it still relies greatly on what the team will do. There are things they have not gotten the chance to do and implement because of everything that has happened. So we should take this time use it to come together as a group and figure out a way to make ourselves useful and our voices heard. Otherwise we are wasting our time trying to be a dao. This is not like traditional investing, you have investing in a cryptocurrency project, nobody answers to or for us. As a dao we answer to ourselves. both individually and collectively. If you didn’t think you signed up for this please take note that there is no academically praised whitepaper, we have our lovely little gitbook docs and that is all :slight_smile: .


I have no idea who you are, but that looks like way too many words in shitty text format just to propose yourself as the new fund manager on a bunch of people’s several millions of dollars…

Really, is this your solution here OP? How come you consider yourself professionally competent to the extent that the recently nullified multisig and management structure established?

Should we open a complete thread just for the people who want to make a shitty forum post to say “Make me fund manager” with their hopes and dreams?

Exactly. This is the problem going forward.

  1. We dont want sifu anymore (I do but most people dont)
  2. We cant let go whatever mistake dani did in the past (not me tho, he is human after all)

Then who the hell going to MC all discussion going forward? I dont want this guy. And I dont think I’m gonna trust anyone else, except for probably the professor since he talks sense. But who now? who’s gonna initiate the going forward discussion?

You think im trying to promote the idea of me being treasurer? i am not good sir.


wen civic_______________________


Bottlecapman for treasurer or no waifus

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