Scam Report - Volta Club will NOT DM you

Hi there,

It looks like scammers have infiltrated the forum. I guess that means we made it ?

If anyone DM you saying they are Wonderland or Volta Clubsupport, THEY ARE A SCAMMER
Volta Club does not have a support team. The best way to get help is in the support-chat in Discord. Where pandaswill help you in the open.

If anyone DM you saying to click this link to fix your wallet, THEY ARE A SCAMMER
This is simply not a thing. These links are design to get your seed phrase and they will pull your funds out.

No one other than you will ever need your seed phrase if they ask for it, THEY ARE A SCAMMER
Someone asks you for your phrase to see where you funds are ? Scam.
You click on a Wonderland or Volta Club google ad and when you connect your wallet it ask for your seed phrase ? Scam.

If something or someone ask for your seed phrase go away and report them here:

Tag user like this @NalXes so we can see who they are and we can ban them.




There is a scammer on twitter active with the name Wonderland.Money Support, @_Wonderrlandev
He pretends he is from Wonderland Support, but he isn’t.
His way of working to scam you is as follows; he sends you this message on Twitter:

Kindly perform the restore/validation on the node string via select your wallet restore/validation, select the wallet account Metamask , fill in the correct info in other to restore/validate . you’ll be assigned a barcode. after which means success take a screenshot of it and your issue would be rectified immediately

The website [] is a big scam. Be warned!


So it looks like I got caufht in the scam… I thought I was using the officla channel since I linked to it from the wonderland website for the Telegram site. meanwhile I was able to convert my wonderland staked memo to wrapped memo. It showed up in my metamask wallet perfectly. I just cecked my balance on my metamask wallent and it shows the money is gone. I went to snow trace but dont know how to read the transactions . is there anyway to recover what I lost ?

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I fell victim and lost all of my staked wrapped memo. I traced the movement of the funds and whoever has them is now staking them on wonderland. If anyone knows how I can go about freezing those asset I would really appreciate the help

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Unfortunately, there isn’t anything we can do. Just make sure that your computer doesn’t have a malware and use a new wallet.


I’d like to report a scam:

Anyone who bought wMEMO after the Sifu scandal was public knowledge is trying to buy voting rights so they can sell off our treasury for a profit.

They stand to 2X in a day, whilst the long term holders lose almost everything.

Stop this scam right now.

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That’s the ultimate scam. It’s all meant to be though, the legitimate way of the final cash out for dani and sifu

Report scam; sifu is still on wonderland telegram channel advertising airdrop and using wonderland.moneyy with yy double y… please stop this people are visiting the site.

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Telegram is full of scammers. Only announcement are made there. Any messages are a scammer. This is not the real Sifu.

Thank for putting this here.

Thank you for your quick reply, but these are pinned msgs also, anyways if you could spread the msg out. thank you again

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Don’t ever pick a link unless you are expecting it on computer or phone. Not just wonderland but from anyone. Scammers all over the internet trying to get your personal information.


There is a scammer on twitter active with the name Wonderland.Money Support, @Wondarland_fi
He pretends he is from Wonderland Support, but he isn’t.
i ask how to get back my wmemo its not show on my wallet and he send i website where ask for my secret phrase, the website is
and have another one do the same but different website this the name Wonderland official support
@leyros50 and the website is this one

Thanks! Yes, Twitter is full of scammers, there is no official support other than here and on Discord in the open, not in DMs.

how can i find my funds i can not see on my wallet, i didnt check the website for around 2 weeks and i justa check today dont have anything
'can you help me with that

I would start by entering your public wallet address to and looking at the tokens and their balance. If you see something missing, switch to the history tab and check if you notice weird transactions out of your wallet.

If you have entered your seedphrase anywhere online, your wallet is most likely compromised and the funds permanently lost.

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thank you for replay

I think this one in twitter is scammer too. I see he leave message to many people, I do ask for question, he asks me the wallet address and then ask me to "validate for distributing the rage quit fund. Then I know he is a scammer, always ask you to “validate” and cheat your seed phase afterward. Please beware of this twitter user.


Alguém poderia informar o que aconteceu com o stake? tenho percebido que parou de evoluir…

Rebase se detuvo, haga clic en el botón “WRAP” para convertir su MEMO a wMEMO según el gráfico a continuación

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