Scammed by wonderland support

Can anyone help me understand how is it possible that wonderland support, suggested in another post ( scammed and robbed me of my money on metamask?
Can I get support from someone here?
Thank you

I’m a stupid man.

Someone should be explain me why wonderland support scam the stupid people like me

Which post suggest that godforsaken link to you? We only provide support on this forum and on discord with mods in color names and we do not DM.

I realize now that it was not a real support… I am a fool but this forum is a garbage can and you are the head of the garbage can.
If your fucng website worked all this would not have happened.
Thank you all, close this sh
ty forum.

I’m sorry for your loss but imagine blaming others for your stupidity

There are 1000 ways to prevent this from happening. You can remove the DM, you can add a more visible warning, you can add stronger registration… I’ve been here because the site is malfunctioning, in the other post there is the JS error when connecting to the wallet. I am a fool, but this forum is not run by scientists. People come here for help to get their money back, I still haven’t forgotten the QuadrigaCX story, I had already lost 80%…

I add the last thing just to help other fools.
My first mistake was thinking that this “Tom” had replied to me in a public thread and not via DM.
If you compare the email received for a thread response or the one via DM, you can see that it is the same template. Little thing that when handling people’s money, one should be careful.


Sorry for the whole thing, it really sucks!

Can you give a bit more details on how he contacted you ? It was by email ?

wrote to me via DM and I received this email. I didn’t realize it was a dm.

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Sorry that this happened to you, someone did the same thing. I just reported to NalX and he handled it

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As an FYI, we restricted DM access and added more reserved username. Hopefully this will improve things.

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