Seeing the bigger picture, Whales killed Wonderland (almost)

I feel dejected by all the chain of events, that has been happening lately and I guess we all are on the same boat at least the non-whales because if see clearly only the whales are being profited by all this situation.
I made a script after everyone called out that the number of votes for No for the ongoing windup proposal is more and guess what, they are right. The majority of people want wonderland to continue but whales just want the opposite as they have a big share after the recent dips and getting most of the treasury.
As you can see, 73.37% of the frog nation wants wonderland to continue, if 1 flag = 1 votes
Whereas the snapshot shows just the opposite picture


More overall ever since wonderland started dropping to the events of sifu and Dani getting liquidated, all those are well-planned attacks made by the big whales, who just entered the project to make short term gains by making the price fluctuate due to liquations and having the majority of stake in the Wmeno hence more voting power so that they can cash out most of the profits for themselves.

We can’t let that happen, as we trusted Dani and wonderland for months and these whales came less than a month back and ruined the entire ecosystem. Not only this will hurt retail investors like us who trusted Dani but hurt Dani image bad enough as we as a community had so much belief in him even after facing 60-95% loss and maybe after the windup will never invest in any projects related to him whereas whales get in projects just to make the most of the situation but manipulating the price.

Even though some people want their money back, we aren’t sure what that would look like, because if we get paid the backing price, anyone who has invested since the start is at a massive loss and the new investors aka whales will gain more since the price is way below the backing price.

The only two options I can see are either everyone who joined the project before January 2022, gets their entire investment back or let the project continue with a new voting system and management.

This might be the last chance we will get before this project die.

How do frogs want to go about the current situation of wonderland?

  • Wind up the project by giving equally to the current backing price[Making the whales win here]
  • Wind up the project by giving frogs their initial investment who joined before Jan 2022 first. [Win for Retail investors]
  • Continue the project, change the voting system and management as proposed in other proposals.[Win for project and Trust on dani]

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Ive got silenced on Wonderland Discord for speaking the truth. :disappointed:

“Imagine if a company with 700M in bank would wind up and say goodbye. No way, they would suck it up and make changes on their team.
Vote No against the suits/Daniele”


True, I have seen this situation a year back with some bank, change is the right approach and not wind up

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This is so not right… Whales buying at 17000 and then cash out at 34000-ish?
20 or so big votes for YES, the other 2700 are NO.
How the hell can this be right?


It’s not and we have to fight against them as a community


Keep the damn project going and slowly restore the price. The treasury’s potential to generate revenue share and rebases it’s AMAZING. Why should you kill it at this point, really…


Looks like the price of TIME and WMEMO was lowered on purpose to allow wonderland to be bought at cheaper price. I believe that is insider trading.

  • They need to just get rid of leveraging all together. They need to peg WMEMO and or TIME (MEMO) to the price to bitcoin or another Crypto for example: just like other currencies do for example the peg to the dollar. They are only focusing on WMEMO but WMEMO is tied to MEMO which is time. So when they let TIME drop it hack a cascading affect on on MEMO which was passed on to WMEMO

  • We need to focus on stabilizing the price. Then a full audit is required for transparency.

  • Bailing out people is just stupid. They will bail out mostly vulture capitalists as they probably will hold the most if this news comes out.

  • Everyone who is in a position of power needs to known to the public and safeguards put in place.

  • Clear documentation is required going forward to.

  • Clear communication and accountability is needed.


Completely agree, this shouldn’t happen. I can understand Dani/team frustration but this would be the biggest defeat not only for Wonderland, but for the overall FrogNation concept.

Small investors must be protected and this has to be the priority above all.

In this regard, it’s clear that the sentiment of the community is pointing towards keeping up and make changes so that the project can continue and hopefully generates future sustained value and profits for tokenholders. Closing it now would be a moral defeat as well as a big economic loss for most investors that believed in the project since months. Fun part is that whales/speculators entering the last few days would make huge profits from this move. And they are currently having more influence in deciding the future of Wonderland than those who where here since the beginning. This is completely no sense.

Mistakes happen. I’m not here to judge Dani, I truly respect and appreciate him, even if I can’t understand his decision-making process on the whole Sifu debacle. But this is a pivotal moment and maybe the last time we can do something for the project. Dani has to understand the huge economic and reputational damage he would cause if he let whales to wind down wonderland. This will destroy the entire eco-system, not just Wonderland.

My 2c


This is the only rational course of action. We must continue!


truth! most people are here for wonderland. send this post everywhere we possibly can get the word out!


Agree to all of this. Wonderland has superb potential. The timing of all of this is very suspect. Clearly someone wants to take advantage of the market bearishness and the low price point to reap profits. There is clearly an ulterior motive by unknown entity(ies) to destroy what is and can be an amazing project which should simply pivot keep going. Go Frogs!

What if Daniele creates a new project that requires an investment of wmemo/memo/time to participate in and receives the corresponding portion of our treasury. Only the wallets with ‘NO’ votes can participate. The ‘YES’ vote wallets get cashed out. This should leave around half of the treasury for the new project and reward the remaining ecosystem. It would also shed the project of all of the rats that came for a free lunch of sucking the life out of Wonderland. There are good whales and bad whales, don’t conflate the two, we all know the bad whales are actually Rats. We have an opportunity to build something great. Let’s seize it! The next project could have a rat trap that would make it harder to harm the ecosystem. Daniele had mentioned repaying people that were liquidated. He could do it with tokens in the new project which would help to restore faith. Personally, I would suggest a repayment of a fraction of the liquidated tokens since some were borrowed. The BSGG tokens would be distributed through the new venture fund and could be staked to bolster the fund. I think this would raise the treasury substantially. I would personally invest more money in a Rat-free Wonderland and I’m willing to bet others are too. I would love to be a part of a Venture Capital DAO, how about you?

A clearer prospective about the Wonderland Buffoonery.
Not sure who did the reworking of video, but they have talent.

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Looks like Danny has already given up

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