Sent $TIME to contract

Accidentally sent all my $TIME to wonderland contract used to verify staking… Where did my $ go and how/can I get it back??

Pretty sure from reading threads on the reddit sub that it’s gone mate.

I’m sorry.

That’s what I’m afraid of. It’s possible that wonderland has written into the code to have any tokens redirected elsewhere if sent to the contract. I’m just hoping that might be the case but I have no idea who to talk to about it.

Sorry to hear that, but your TIME is gone. No way to get it back.

I want to find out if a increase in the number of days on the Runway can be expected ? I believe our community is vested in project for a long term.

Been at 400days ish for months now. If we switch to partial revenue share it should stay there even longer. No one of has a magic ball tho.

I get the point, are we saying that the project will collapse after 400days ?

I saw most of the community are all talking about the incentives for staking longer then I.e 3,6,9,12 months.

My question stems from the premise of longer staking periods( runways ). This will help the project and it will also create a level of stability for the price.

Runaway and the longevity of the projects are not the same.

I’d recommend you join the Discord and ask your questions in #how-does-wonderland-work. Would be easier to explain/talk instead of a forum post not related to this.