Set up a launchpad

Set up a launchpad and use the money from the national treasury to invest in and incubate outstanding entrepreneurial projects. Some tokens can be randomly snapped and airdropped to incentivize long-term holders and encourage people to hold them for a long time. Those who sell will not have this additional benefit, and some People will sell the airdrop tokens and increase their holdings of $TIME and increase the price, which can increase the intrinsic value of $TIME


If made correctly this idea has a place to be. Launchpad program concept is not so utopian when we are speaking about Wonderland in my opinion, we have a huge community and capitalization! But tbh I also want it be something special, not just a copy of Binance/etc launchpad, but I’m also don’t have any bright ideas about this yet.

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I love this idea, something along the lines of what Avalaunch is doing with XAVA and all those IDO’s they are attracting. Basically you get to participate in an IDO allocation depending on how much TIME you would have staked. Would give an extra incentive to stay staked.

Avalaunche also recently introduced a penalty that if you would unstake immediately after the snapshot during the initial staking process is over - another great way to keep things staked. But also makes sense to keep staked the more new projects onboard too.

I believe that Danny’s investment will incubate many excellent projects, and can cooperate with some excellent projects, such as selling the flow pool to us.

Yes, some appropriate incentives are needed to encourage everyone to hold for a long time. Everyone recognizes Danny’s investment level. $TIME has not only surprising APY but also additional airdrop tokens. In the future, you can also incubate $TIME Games, now the ecosystem is very complete. SPELL+ICE+SUSHI,make people even more fascinated if the launch pad is set up.

Love this idea. I had a similiar thought do create and IGO platform.

Stake Time and get access to all these amazing play to earn games that are launching. Would need a well connected team to run the bankend. But a launchpad or a igo pad would work in harmony with time as no additional risk is taken by holders.

all upside no downside. at least none that i can see