Should i stay or should i go!

The Clash in Wonderland!!!

i just voted, i only have 2.5 $Time i invested around $6000 when $time was at $8000 and today my investment worth around $1000 and guess what…i voted no, i don’t want to wind down Wonderland, i still believe in this project and i still believe that Daniele can do great things if he work with real professional with strong background!!

What do investors who have share of Tesla or Amazon when the price goes down? they sell or they buy but they never ask to wind down the company, they never say Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos has to go!!

More than 50% of the Fake “Frogs” who voted yes are Whales and the Whales in our Wonderland are disguised as cats!!
They say “wind down Wonderland,Daniele out…” but at the same time they buy a maximum wmemo or $Time since they know about Sifu and seen that make me want to Vomit, you just look like gravediggers waiting for their next corpse!!

So for all the Gravediggers aka cats aka Fake “Frogs” Just GO!!!
We really need to have a Snapshot of everyone who bought at the bottom when they found out about Sifu’s past,they’re the ones who fuck up Wonderland since few days ,that’s why they want the treasury,that’s why they want to wind down Wonderland!!

Look at Facebook, all the problems between Mark Zuckerberg and Tyler/Cameron Winklevoss,everyone said it was the end of facebook and today it’s one of the biggest company!!

Daniele if you read this i have tons of idea for Wonderland so contact me and let’s talk.

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