Should we pay the moderators? What with?

Since Discord began well you can see with your own eyes that happened.
In fact they were the one’s that actually messed up the things and now want to get paid.
First the decision to remove the calculator was made on Discord by 1/3 of DAO fact that majority of members being blocked there and their only lame excuse is to avoid FUD.
They don’t speak for all members.I wasn’t agree to remove the Apy calculator as sudden changes makes the community confused second there’s no support either they’re not qualified they come up like volunteers so no I wouldn’t agree to pay them what for.
I agree to hire actually professional Mods and opening an YouTube channel yes make it publicly, getting audience.
I wouldn’t even keep the Discord channel anyway there’s no benefits to the project and anyway is a waste of time.
Guys better get a real job :wink:. DAO doesn’t need moderators in order to be successful we need people like Sifu or other treasury managers that know to do business.
I think Danielle must look somewhere else I don’t think this is important now not when the price is tanking dramatically.

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Suspending you for two weeks cause at this point you are just spamming FUD even when we try to help.