Sifu deliberations and moving forward

  • Give the team time for a turn around plan
  • Open the rage quit option asap

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I propose we calm down for a sec. Vote on a timeline for Sifu to make his case. Live AMA.

Proper investigation and or audit of transactions

We need more time and facts before we can make an informed decisions.

  • Give a few days for Sifu to make his case and the team to prepare an audit/ detailed AMA/ future roadmap/ possible CFO candidates

I think that a big fat nope from myself and the majority of others


So far it’s 2-1 for. Let the majority of others speak for themselves.

We got nothing to loose by doing so

Important to read this:
Daniele never asks to DM



“My statement on Recent Developmens at Wonderland”

I find it concerning he knew and decided to not inform the community.


Hence why I’d like to know more.

Need to build a case before you can make it.

If not we’re just doing the same as panic sellers in a sell off

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We need full transparency here. Also the price drop and no recent buy backs and the constant dropping of backing price. It could be seen as them forcing the price down for the sell. Or in finance we call that insider trading.



Let’s get all the info we can , then vote!?

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So you want to deliberate for someone who has already ripped off a project, I have been in this project sense early November and I am down almost 30K, this project is never going to recover especially with sifu at the helm, people are not going to trust a felon

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Sifu is already out. So nothing to discuss.

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How does one get to the voting page/interface/ My wallet is connected.

“I have decided that he needs to step down till a vote for his confirmation is in place. Wonderland has the say to who manages its treasury not me or the rest of the wonderland team.”

lets not refer to him as sifu anymore… lets out him as Omar Dhanani aka Michael Patryn aka scamming cunt.

Danny disolve the treaury and give it back to all time memo and wmemo holders!!!

  • disburse treasury to all holders
  • let this shit show keep rolling

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Not really. I wanna deliberate for moving forward. Currently id still vote for hime to be replaced BUT…

Right now the sentiment is reimburse everyone with the treasury.

I don’t really care for what’s left of my bags, Id rather let it play out at this point.

I like the rage quit option offered

All I’m suggesting ask the devs for what’s the plan forward with or without Sifu

Give a little time for them to prepare a real ama with a concrete and transparent action plan

But right now you cant tell me if you were up 30k instead you wouldn’t consider it.

That’s my point, we shouldn’t knee jerk react like that.

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I doubt he would ever do that under fear charges could one day be brought forth civilly or criminally and anything he says would be used against him.

Thats not to say he did anything criminal in this particular instance. I just want to clarify.

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Got some strong Queen of Hearts energy in Wonderland.


As a moderate non-leveraged investor I seek no blood. I also seek no penny-on-dollar return for my sunk cost.

What I seek is an earnest road forward and clearly defined plans with risk/reward profiles for my investment.

I believe we are all here to make legacy money. (our life better than our parent’s and our children’s lives better than ours.) Thinking that everyone touching wonderland will all “hodl” and never take profits is folly. Life happens, “pay me now, not later” will likely win for many in a crypto asset. These ‘temporary traders’ are not invested. These are a reality occurring along our journey.

To have any realistic investment though, we must have faith in both the plan, (proposed by team, approved by hodlers votes) and the leaders/executers of said plan.

Sifu and team have earnestly built an enviable treasury. For this, I thank him.

  1. Is it unfair to hold a leader to a higher standard than an average investor? No.
  2. Is it unfair for an average investor to expect more transparency from their leader when things go wrong? No.
  3. Is it unfair to lambaste a person who in earnest faith was reinventing him/herself after a plan was broken by cascading risky investor decisions forced said reveal? I would answer yes it is indeed unfair here. I hope this proves true.

I want wonderland to succeed. I want my investment to succeed. I believe Sifu, while involved, should step aside while the project continues.


I agree 100%

Hence why I’d like to give the team some time and give us a clear roadmap moving forward.

I don’t like to hear « end the treasury and pay everyone »
It should be an option for those who desire to do so.


Big fat NO!
Daniele should’ve removed Sifu the second he found out, even quietly and tell us like he has other matters to attend to, and JUST LEAVE.
He played the second chance card, when there were BILLIONS of other peoples money at stake. You never do that. And he wasn’t just one time offender, like it just happened once and that was it, he did it multiple times. WTF?!

And this comes after weeks of uninterrupted FUD. Do you even understand that those people who kept on FUDing, are now rejoicing and the rest of us who kept on hoping look like absolute MORONS?!

He then goes and proposes a VOTE. Are you kidding me? Are we in a movie or something?

They immediately need to either give people back their money or to turn this clown infested fiesta 180 degrees and actually DO SOMETHING.

Enough with the frognation bullshit, WAGMI, lambos and all that crap. Its was all bait at this point.


So which one do you want? Get refunded asap or turn the ship around?

Only one of those can happen quickly.

I don’t disagree it was a bad judgment call from treasury.

But there’s no point getting emotional here.

There’s a saying.
Talk bad, talk good but talk about me.

The biggest fu in cryptos history could be a redemption story.

With the current scrutiny I doubt he could pull off anything shady.

We can use the buzz generated with or without him as long as we move quick

I had an issue with the poll format

Fixed now