Silence Discord - Private chat for invested Frogs

We need to silence the amount of trolls and FUD on the discord and open up a private space for those of us that are invested (and those that have been liquidated) that want to put in constructive commentary and propositions for the team.

The general chat in the discord is vile and even though Danni is putting time in theire , imo his time would be better spent dealing with those who want to make proposals or discuss how to move forward without hundres of comments that are just a rinse and repet of people crying over their losses, youre a scam, rug pull bla bla bla… which doesnt help anyone and has to really drain a lot of energy from the team.

we are all down, especially now. lets move forward.

So my proposal is to have a private channel for investors still holding and those who were liquidated for proper discussion with the team and Danni on how to move forward and in what direction, because there is also no point in moving forward if the team doesnt want to, and i would also understand that. everyone who dumped and ran need not be included and others who are just their to troll neither.


I would go even one step further: silence the amount of trolls and FUD on this forum by allowing only the ones who invested in this DAO to post here. Others have no business here.


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