Smart contract multi-audit

Hi guys,

I think we are all agree: we need audits for the smart contract!
We have $737,969,495 in treasury, a multi-audit (from more companies) is necessary asap.

I don’t know if anyone is already working on it, if yes please notify me.

I know an audit cost is in the range of 8.000/20.000 USD so an affordable cost for our treasury.
I think 2 audits for the start are enough, my proposal of companies to make the audits is CertiK and PWC Switzerland (Chainsecurity). They are reliable companies (search on web) with affordable cost.



Hi guys, it’s crucial to do these audits as soon as possible! I’m new in the game and I really want this project to be a real fucking success! :sunglasses:

I agree that an audit must be made.

The Devs have stated that at least one audit was already in-progress. I would like them to update us on that, and I’m sure they will soon.


More like we need a bounty program that puts more eyes on the code than just one company, i.e

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Very important. Furthermore the audits as well as any other documentation, to make it easier to understand what runs in the background, which would lower the barrier of entry for amateur investors.

If anyone has updates to the audit , that would be nice

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