Snapshot vote on getting rid of Sifu is live

I don’t know if this is pertinent, as I heard the guy already left. But I hastened to vote him out anyway, in case some kind of reserve position is proposed for him. He is cancer for the project.

The vote seems rigged, can only vote if you unstake your wmemo into time


Where can you see that?

I can’t even get to vote. I am still stuck on that page. I typed out this message while waiting, and I still can’t vote.

The page took 25minutes to load, when i did and clicked vote it had a pop up option saying i cant vote because I have 0 time. I converted my time to WMEMO…


I think it might be too many people voting to overload the page
Voting lasts two days and everyone can express their opinion.
In addition, I can vote with wMEMO, maybe you can try it again later.

Hmm interesting. Maybe> I will let you know if it works later

It work for me with wMemo

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I still cant vote which is really weird

hows the vote looking i cant access right now?

I cant vote which is kinda weird

Could not vote. Vote button irresponsive. Maybe because i wanted to voted replace ?

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Sounds like the voting machines that were rigged only to accept votes for Biden.

The system is jammed up at the moment. I think it takes a long time to respond.


I’m trying to vote too…vote button is blue but does nothing when I press it.

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My wMemo is staked in a farm that has been protecting me some from the price action, hate to unstake just to vote. I should think this is overwhelmingly going to be !Sifu, if not this whole thing is fux0r3d. No leverage no sifu and put it back to what it was pre all the leveraged crap and theft and the project is still solid. Just my $0.02, let it grow back. Will take time…

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What are you doing wMEMO LP with something? farm with wFTM, MIM, wMEMO, SUSHI, ICE, SPELL, at least is doing something…

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I am killing it on tarot. 1/4 of the fees of Beefy / Reaper / Grim.

I still haven’t been able to vote on the snapshot. Damn thing is stuck.

Hmmm. It’s asking for my passphrase… Guess I’m not voting. LOL Never giving that out…

I think you went to a scam site. I didn’t get asked for a pass phrase. I used the browser within metamask to get to and searched from Wonderland from there.