Social Media Plans and Priority

Social Media is a big deal, we all know this. It’s the fastest way to start a fire as well as the quickest way to put one out. We need a strong social media presence. I understand there is a lot of chat about hiring a marketing team to handle this stuff for us. While that conversation is great and necessary, we should be doing something about our marketing efforts in the meantime.

I think we can form a team within our community comprised of content creators of all types to fill a cache of potential posts for the team to put on twitter, enabling them to focus on their work while still utilizing the power of the little blue bird. We should be able to create a system of post proposals to be voted on by the community, for basic public outreach, as well as a cache of defcon responses for potential future situations.

  1. We need a group of artists to create content. Meme it up, peeps. If you want to join the Meme Team, let us know and we’ll put you to work. We need Memes for DAYS, actually it’d be great to get a cache of a couple months of memes if we can. Yeah that’d be greeeat.

  2. We need writers for short quirky comments to throw out into the Twitter sphere. Got a solid punchline at Coinbase’s expense? Please do share. Let’s compile a treasure chest of jokes and posts that can be lined up for the team to copy-pasta to Twitter.

  3. We need a small group of people to vet, compile, and schedule these twitter posts so its not just like reaching in a hat to see what you pull out. We should have tweets for holidays lined up in advance, along with special occasions and maybe even some zingers planned for future eventualities, like coinbase’s demise.

Let’s chat here about putting this plan in place, as well as share jokes and ideas for future tweets. If you’re an artist or a writer, or just think your a funny human with something to add - drop a line here with your discord handle and we’ll reach out on discord to get the ball in your court. We should make a concerted effort to get the mods on discord to make channels specifically for our marketing operations.

We have a strong and passionate community who I believe would love to be a part of this initiative. We are currently setting up a team to get this done with the support of @kbanna and @infinitetest - We want to grow the team and find passionate individuals who wish to share their talents with the community.


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