Some motivational ideas on increasing the holding time

In this model of prisoner’s dilemma, it is naturally (3, 3) that it is very difficult to be together, so I think some rewards can be given to diamond holders who continue to maintain stakes, such as NFT, which can also improve user stickiness to the project, including a smooth transition to GAME, and NFT market.In this way, it is also possible to import traffic in the last project in Wonderland, to ensure that there will be stable income in the future and the profit of (3,3) can be maintained.


Choose how long you want to lock TIME for. Get an APY increase based on how long you lock for.

Developers will be able to see everyone’s unlock dates and see how stable the price will be.
I.e: Lots of spread out unlock dates - price will remain stable, unlikely we’ll see a run. Every one’s unlock date clusters around decemember 2023…well this could be a problem.

So, if there are any dangerous points in the future where lots of people are unlocking, maybe further bonus APY could be granted to those who lock through a danger zone.


I do not agree with this kind of behavior of increasing time lock, which violates the rights of some people. I think more is to use some incentives to encourage people to lock up.


I just want to say we have biggest treasurey so can we hold some percentage of treasurey to increase ratio of time / mim . So that intrinsic value of time can increase and never gose price down.
Ex. xjoe or our price index . Never gose down its only goes up
I think if we do this our treasurey will grow far more than now plus thats fix backed price assured our time price will never go down more than that point and it will never change in any circumstances coz we had separate it from treasurey.
If we hold this amount in mim so we dont panic
In volatility of market and this mims give treasurey extra passive income from aave to increase our time / mim ratio over time.
If we do this i think investers would get more confidence to inter and hold time

I really love the RomeDAO idea of gamifying DeFi. They give you NFTs with perks that has use in the DAO like voting power if you stake X amount for some period, you can take profits or stake more, but you are only able to receive the NFT if you dont unstake for some period.

I really think this is the best solution.


How about a delta neutral startegy for TIME (similar to for OHM). That mimimizes the volatility risk and may leads to HODL.


I totally agree, but why should everyone be forced to lock in for a year? People should have options whereby your APY increases based on your locked length. For example APY would be higher locking in for 1 year than it would for 6 months. This idea was already mentioned in a twitter thread

I don’t believe we should lock capital this will disincentives large and small investors while it is good to hold for the long haul some people would be extremely hesitant to go through with this…there is a reason certified deposited are rarely used in cefi anymore as far as extra incentive to hold longer it is literally built in as the compound effect is really not super beneficial until around the 160 day mark for smoll frogs (like me) and whales alike

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I am a vecrve holder that’s locked up my curve for 4 years. I have been loving all the airdrops it’s earned me. Especially the CVX one. Go look at the percentage of locked curve versus supply. It’s unbelievable.

I think people who have issues around time lock incentives are the ones consistently placing trades. I dont see any other reason for them to be against it.

I think the most elegant solution is to increase the number of rebases per day… (like 1 every hour) By doing this, an individual rebase event doesn’t profit the sidestepper much, thus increasing the penalty and risk for someone jumping in and out.

Those who are staked long-term, will get the multiple rebases, and the net gain would be equivalent to what is being earned now.

No it goes against the spirit of FrogNation. We want freedom to use our money as we wish. Any solution should incentivize the proper behavior, not shackles for those thinking outside the box.