Staked wMEMO not showing on Ape Board

Hi there, before staking my wMEMO, the coin does show up on Ape Board. After staking, it disappeared. Would u reach out to Ape Board team to fix the issue? tks

Hey, do you know if they have a specific place to request such addition ? Last time I checked I couldnt find it.

no idea. maybe on their telegraam or discord group?

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I also raised this issue on their telegram group, no one answers. but the admin did answer another guy’s query about Wonderland. Below is the reply:

  1. Wonderland - This is a new contract right? We prioritize bug fixing more than adding new contracts, so this might took longer.

But I think you may still ask for it.

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Request has been sent :slight_smile:

Wonderful. Just upvoted.

This is the same issue with Debank etc.

I feel like at this point Everybody’s so used to receiving already-collateralized assets in the form of a new/derivative coin for staking liquidity anywhere that it will take some time for the market to price the fact that not every single investment is instantly compensated in auto-collateralized assets you can instantly trade and process the same way you did with your staked assets…