Staking Paused Website Update

Is staking still paused? It’s probably worth updating the “Revenue Stream” / “How it Works” section of the Wonderland website.

looks like steaking is done forever

The farm has been discontinued, see announcement below. Good point on the website.

June 9th 2023

Wonderland Farm Discontinued

Hello Wonderland!

After long discussions, the team has decided to discontinue the current farm staking system. This decision was made based on a variety of reasons:

  • Fairness for those unstaked
  • Claiming may be a taxable event
  • Legal alignment
  • Decreases wMEMO backing and does not allow for yield generation on farm tokens

How does holding wMEMO benefit me now?

Holding our token benefits you by allowing Wonderland to effectively manage your capital through their experienced treasury team. This expertise and strategic treasury management provide potential for the token’s value to grow over time, supported by Kyber Elastic pools and a buyback program. Additionally, without the need to claim farm rewards and swap them for more wMEMO, holding the token now effectively enables auto compounding as well as access to extra yield on ecosystem platforms like UwU Lend within the Panda Nation ecosystem!

There is no rush to unstake your tokens from the farm, and this may be done at whatever time is most convenient for you.

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