Stop Discord admins attempts to silence the community

Proposal to make:

  • Policies of Discord management public
  • Changes to Discord management policies up for a vote
  • Stop Discord admins from silencing community by 1 hour slow modes, removing reactions from posts, unwarranted mutes and bans (we are not dictatorship here)
  • Community should be given heads up on changes, and reasons on why we want to do it. We shouldn’t have bots disappearing without notifying community on why it was done or who made the decision.
  • FUD fighters should be dismissed, critics and especially self critics is major part of building a healthy product and environment. Perhaps things that happened might not have happened in case people could talk openly about all aspects of the project. I never heard that Apple or Google banned someone just because they were complaining about Apple or Google or their product. Feedback is vital part of making good product.
  • Admins should make sure there are no insults, that discord is safe environment for everyone, but should not try to block people from criticizing and stating their opinions.

I would vote in favor of this. Waiting one hour per post is complete bs

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