Stop Rebases!

"Rebases are simply met with price deceases of the TIME token. Where Market Capitlaization remains the same all else equal but the is divided by a higher number units of TIME.
Rebases are a way to punish those minting or bonding without this mechanism rebase is pointless and with 99.7% staking only 0.3% is getting “ripped off” “Any value transfer from non-stakers to stakers is limited to 0.3% of those not staking.”
Rebasing stopping is a tech matter thats all There is only protocol liquidity in wMEMO.

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In favor, it’s a stupid ponzi mechanic and there’s no point keeping it.
But also doesn’t seem like it’s a large detractor.
If we can easily remove time and memo, let’s do it and shut that chapter of the dao, otherwise, keep it around but maybe still remove all the scaffolding around it from the website so it’s less confusing going forward?

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Don’t agree. Rebases were what got most of us in to begin with. I agree that without minting or bonding its not very effective so I would instead suggest to start that up again.

Never was in favour of stopping minting or bonding in the first place.

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I think at this point, rebases won’t make much sense. We may want to think of a different business model and “tokenomics” at this point going forward.


I would be interested to see what kind of tokenomics frogs would come up with.

Maybe we should make a call to arms ?

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