Stop rebases

A rebase protocol, long-term, damages the protocol’s health.Rebases aren‘t profit but mere stock splits that don‘t generate us $ gains I propose that we find a sensible way to stop rebases and focus on wmemo and revenue share.

I suggest one of the following options:

  1. Set rebase apy to 0% and pull protocol owned liquidity from sushi after proposal passes
  2. Lower rebase gradually, over a course of eg 2 months
  3. Create a new token.

If 1 milk costs 1 memo , and memo doubles in approximately 50-51 days, without new capital flowing in, 1 milk will cost 2 memo. Simply because the revenue streams didn’t keep up with the rate of inflation.
Now imagine, 1 milk starts to cost less memo over time, simply because it’s (memo is) going to become less available in the market.

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