Stop the rebases and switch to revenue sharing

Rebase tokens are somewhat problematic, as they are really only profitable in relation to MCAP. My suggestion for wonderland is a s follows:

  1. Stop the rebases
  2. Stop the buybacks
  3. Make wmemo limited supply
  4. Let the price of wmemo fall to it’s natural market value
  5. No more bailouts for the overleveraged
  6. Cap wmemo borrowing on abrcadabra at 25%
  7. Immediately move to a revenue share model. If you stake your wmemo, you will receive a share of profits from treasury income. Part of the treasury income should be reinvested to grow the treasury, and part paid out to stakers in MIM or other assets. Stakers will then be able to either reinvest in the treasury or take their profits elesewhere. If you use your wmemo as collateral or stake it elsewhere, then you would not receive revenue from the treasury.

As far as I’m concerened, sifu is already gone, not that he did a bad job overall, but appearances are important in finance. After we find a new treasury manager/s we should focus on yield-bearing assets primarily and VC projects secondarily.

I believe that implementing these changes will take wonderland back to what it was originally created for, i.e a vehicle for long-term financial growth. It will create buy pressure on wmemo and also incentivize holding wmemo long term.

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