Streaming of the game Daniele and Sifu wish to invest in

Hey guys,
Could someone possibly point me in the right direction if it is not to much trouble?

I am trying to send a proposal to Sifu… it is regarding the streaming of the RPG game that Wonderland wishes to invest in (I stream video games in my free time)

However I can not seem to find his account here (not to promising coming from a streamer I know :joy:)

If someone could hook me up with a link I would be grateful … I basically just wanted to ask if I could do a review and / or blind run of the game and talk about how wonderland will be involved!

Thank you all in advance, Karim


Best way to have a chance to talk to Sifu is on Discord.

As for the game. There isnt a game yet. Unless I miss a recent message, which could be true.

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Ahh thank you, I will try Discord then.

Mhh maybe you are right, it does seem that there is conflicting information out there regarding the Game they are investing in.

One Youtuber said it was an old school RPG still in the early stages and I read (on Twitter I think) that there is a platformer that is ready for release around 3/4 Q 22 … so yeah, guess it is best to ask Sifu. Once again thanks pal :muscle::blush:

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As far as I’m concerned, there is no game at the moment and probably won’t be in a near future…
but that’s just me typing at 4.30am…

No game at the moment. I think in one of the AMA someone asked and Dani said he is looking into cost of making one… so probably going to be a while. As for getting in touch with Sifu you can try Discord. There is an #ideas-suggestions area you can post if you are unsuccessful at reaching him directly.