STRIKE.ME clone < :hamburger:

  • buy/sell bitcoin
  • tip
  • send/receive micropayments
  • remit money
  • make payments with friends.
    ^ clone this < phone app?

  • money is time
  • time is money
    ^ trade :frog:

buy/sell goods/services, bring players to sweet game of $time

pay people $time in exchange for goods/services → induce participation

beam time by phone from buyer to seller, expand Economy Of Time

to redeem payment received, new players onboard to $time :slight_smile:

stake share of payment, receiver gets exposure to potential gains

hedge against inflation, hold $time

adoption is key to our growth rate and success

embrace, extend to payments for goods/services:


offer bounties, payable in $time, to build cool stuff

  • nfts
  • frogs
  • games
  • brands
  • community
  • coordination
  • clone

^ worth writing RFP? thx


Very nice idea I hope @Sifu and the devs see this .

thanks for sharing