Suggesting measures to prevent a price crash

Hi, I have some suggestions that can be useful if implemented. So as well all know and can agree on that Time wonderland is a small project, that means it can be controlled easily by whales, and they can crash the price whenever they wanted, and we all we be fucked, So I am suggesting the adding of Sales taxes. so for example, Jimmy holds a lot of wMEMO, and Jimmy is a very evil guy, so he wants to sell all of his wMEMO in one go so he can drive the price down and screw us up, how about we implement a sale tax like 20% for large wallets to disincentivize him from selling his wMEMO, and let’s just say that Jimmy is mad man and he sold, so we use that 20% and we divide it:
60%: goes to the treasury for ( Revenue share, Investment…etc)
40%: goes to be buy back tokens to stabilize the price maybe even burn TIME tokens to control the inflation
If someone please can improve this if it is possible and I hope this is implemented.
Thank you.

So you want to penalize large investors seems wrong. Large sales can be controlled with liquidity.
Defining what is a whale is also subjective. Quarterly redemptions should negate the need for this as people should be incentivized to redeem quarterly which has no price impact.


The problem is that this hinders whales from buying wmemo which isnt good either^^ Whales bonding or buying in is as important as whales selling.

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Thank you for your comment really appreciate it, but can you suggest a change if possible that can help?

Thank you massively if possible can you recommend any changes

its these questions I wish we had dani and sifu to respond to :frowning:

Adding any type of entry/exit tax specifically targeting large holders would be unwelcome. It is, as some others have said, cringe worthy.

Perhaps a Minimum holding period before eligible to sell into redemption window: 30 days?

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