Suggestions for Wonderland

  1. I was reading about the ve(3,3) system to reward long term holders. I think this is a must. Anyone who was arguing against locking in your investment for a higher reward didnt see this coming. This is a must.

  2. DO NOT leverage. The reward is not worth the risk. You put yourself at risk and everyone else with the price drop. You’re paying a 5% interest on the MIM loan, which you need to pay back anyway, they’re not just handing you money to keep. Unless wmemo makes a really big jump, you’re not making shit and you’re just playing a very risky game, so don’t be stupid. If you havent figured it out yet, the rebases will not outpace decline of the price of wmemo because its the same thing. Formula is current memo price x 4.5 x current index.

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I agree with something similar to this. Just hoping we can do it without locking anything.

It’s not possible unless you put in higher withdrawal/deposit fees which is essentially also a lock.

Can you elaborate on why its not possible?

Only if you can tell me how it is possible.

I mean I don’t know if it is, but you are saying its not so I assume you have a reason ?

Reason is to reward long term holders with higher rewards for longer hold times. Current system doesnt reward holders, it rewards traders.

Ok, but I’m saying to do this without locking ?

Like using when you entered to staking pool to calculate your % of the rewards, but you can leave whenever. When you come back the “bonus” for holding starts at 0.

I know there are flaws in this and potential ways to exploit it. Was just saying I’d like that system without locking funds.

When you lock in your funds you allow the protocol to invest that money, that is the reason theyre giving you the reward. If you just allow people to take it out whenever, it doesn’t work. Its like an agreement between me and you and you just back out leaving me screwed. This method is so that speculators don’t get rewarded and those who truly believe in the project do.

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