Super bowl ad for wonderland time

We frog nation as a community have achieved so much in the past few months. Let’s take it to the next level. Let’s get a Super Bowl ad for $time . Your thoughts?

Let me put it this way.
BTC is 13 years old and mainstream is still a bit away.
$Time has 3 months.
I see many of these ideas floating around, but what we need for now is patience and confidence that the model works.
If we can have a working model, then we can show it to the world.
At least thats my take on it. I’m a big picture cool headed guy.


Not our target audience. Daniele on Rogan or Lex Fridman would be better exposure. Would probably do more harm than good.


A superbowl add is more of a status symbol. There are more effective ways to attract the target audience to Wonderland $TIME. Although I like aggressive marketing as such.

Agreed. Too expensive for what we"ll get in return. Plus. we’d probably need to figure out what our “brand” is first and update our docs.

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I definitely agree having Daniele on Joe Rogan Experience or Lex Fridman’s podcasts. Lex had the guy from Cardano on, and i think having Daniele on, would bring a more serious vibe to Wonderland, like a vibe that it is here to stay and take over vibe.


Having Daniele on Rogans podcast would be awesome. I can totally see that.


I think on one of the AMAs Daniele said something about an eSports team. I think for a status symbol purchase that would be pretty cool. It’s more of our target audience.

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So here’s the thing, I’m not against advertising and I have no issue with where the advertising is I guess. But as speaking as someone from the UK, NFL and the Superbowl mean absolutely nothing to me. I am not saying I am against it but surely there are other platforms where global audiences will see the marketing and come into Wonderland? For example TV or through some sort of sponsorship deal.
As an after thought though, do we really need to advertise Wonderland itself? I suppose the point I am trying to make is what are we trying to market here? The Wonderland project where people will join us, or do we want to advertise something that will incentivise a use case for TIME or add value to the TIME token itself?
Think of it this way, if we started or invested into an eSports team, we could advertise that team, have a sponsorship deal and if it took off we would get rewards maybe even in TIME itself. I wouldn’t have an issue with putting money from the treasury into something like that because even though it’s still a computer based platform, it has a real world case use as it’s a team playing. If we ever got an EA Sports - eSports game and our team was in it, thats where we would really start seeing the benefit.