Taking a closer look at JADE and replicating some actions

Dear colleagues,

I’ve been paying close attention to JADE and I believe some of their recent initiatives could be useful for us if replicated.

  1. AirDrops for marketing (already discussed here)

  2. Creating an utility roadmap - even if high-level / totally aspirational at first - to increase new investors’ confidence in the future of Wonderland

  3. Considering to use the treasury funds to invest outside of the Crypto space. This is of course risky and sensitive, and proper due diligence needs to be done. Here I’d suggest to allow the community to vote into ways to better invest the treasury resources

Apart from that, things I’d love to see:

  1. Speed up the plans to switch the staking rewards from TIME to other tokens. We can already see the impact of the increasing supply versus decrease in price, although that’s also heavily influenced by liquidations

  2. Prevent leverages, somehow. Not even sure if that’s a possibility, but perhaps by disabling TIME in Abracadabra - here I have limited knowledge as I’ve never done it myself, so just dropping it here. Please ignore if that’s nonsense

  3. Invest in Marketing - also already discussed here, but paid content in Instagram and YouTube would surely be helpful

  4. Daniele to become more visible - by giving more interviews and why not having a Wonderland-dedicated YouTube channel. I haven’t seen any DAO doing it so far, and all DAOs seem to rely on a few content creators to ‘validate their authenticity’

Thanks so much, and wish all the success to Daniele and the crew.

I have basically put 95% of everything I’ve got here, so not only I hope it will work, but I kinda need it to :sweat_smile:

Felipe Monteiro


I’d say not only Daniele but the whole team to become more visible and credible :raised_hands:


I agree with all of your points, especially on “creating an utility roadmap - even if high-level / totally aspirational at first - to increase new investors’ confidence in the future of Wonderland”. I know Daniel talked about investing in game developments on Avalanche but I hope the team has more ideas on using the treasury to generate profits.

  1. Invest in yield farms to generate profit.
  2. Invest in lending protocols to get a share of the fees.
  3. Invest in metaverse land to create an ecosystem.
  4. Invest in an NFT project with a talented artist.

I think this needs to be broken up into separate proposals. Otherwise we may pass something unpopular because of something popular that is combined with it.

To be really honest, when I saw Jade’s roadmap, I thought : “THAT is nice!”… :slight_smile: