"Team Page on App.wonderland.money"

Something I haven’t seen anyone mention yet and I think would be an easy first step at building trust.

Create a “Team Members” page on the Wonderland app. Everyone who holds Multi-Sig accounts should be doxxed and have a profile with resume, accomplishments, credentials, city they live in, relevant social media profiles, photo, etc.

This is an easy fix and means to rebuild trust. Anyone not willing to do this should be replaced. (not sure we need to identify who has multi-sig and who doesn’t as it might open these people up to attack, threats, bribes) But certainly all top team members should be doxxed and listed on our site.

Also, I think it may be helpful to offer up some small simple proposals like this that can be voted on and enacted relatively easily. I know we have several full on 2.0 proposals, which is great, but voting on some of the elements piece-meal instead may be helpful to the community.


Daniel M.

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I agree with the team page idea. The dox part is tricky, I would DEFINITLY NOT put things like “city they live in”. This could become dangerous real quick. Just think of streamers that get swatted all the time.


While I agree with adding a Team Members page (currently I don’t believe any team members are mentioned in the docs - correct me if I’m wrong?), I personally (not speaking for anyone else) would be okay with even just the pseudonyms, perhaps if at least everyone was screened internally; I’m not sure about the being fully doxxed to the public part, as NalXes mentioned it can quickly become a safety issue and there are a lot of bad actors trying to harm others - take those that have attacked Wonderland and Daniele as just one example, and think about the hackers and stalkers that lurk on the web as another example…


Let’s make a list of info then.

  1. Screen name/pseudonym
  2. First name
  3. Credibility (projects, companies, resume, etc)
  4. Brief bio
  5. Clean criminal background check (yes/no: why, brief explanation: i.e. arrested for driving 180mph in a 40mph zone at age 19 in my lambo)
  6. Why you love wonderland and frog nation.

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