Technical marketing

Content and marketing geared towards “translating” the myriad of excellent technical content and DEFI knowledge for entry level users

I want to start out by saying I am all for this. If you have spent any amount of time on the discord, you know it is an echo chamber of new/possible investor’s repeating the same issues and the onboarding channel is a little bare and in need of an update.

To begin with I think we need to figure out who the initial target audience is. We are known in the DeFi and would say we are a pretty natural progression when it comes to play to earn and GameFi. We are extremely early to look into that market, I think that we should be focusing on Solana and simplify our bridging process which has already been done and just needs to be promoted. Solana has recently been dealing with scaling issues, something AVAX has built into it then tie in abracadabra and the simplicity of bridging your rebases through overcollateralized loans at Abracadabra.

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