The First DAIO- Vision, Structure, Comeback, Future

We are the first DAIO, Decentralized Autonomous Investment Organization.
There will be others like us, but none that is us.

We are the Frog Nation. Where one Frog CAN make a difference, through UNITY with other Frogs, from all walks of life… (like different species of frog lol) but a Frog, nonetheless. :sweat_smile:

As Dani said so himself, Wonderland was an experiment, a “project”. Well Im trying to ACE this project. Wonderland was supposed to be our ticket out, Wonderland was our dream crypto, the one to earn you an income. The one to get you a lambo in a year :sob:
I’m trying do my part in this organization to make that a reality not just for me but for all of us, so heres my proposal with some ideas that I think need to be implemented to move forward successfully. These are in order.

First things first, my fellow members of the DAIO, we CAN NOT LOSE THE VISION!
The vision is everything, the vision is our fuel, our drive, to keep going and pushing and working together to accomplish our goals. The vision is what got Dani to create this DAIO in the first place! It’s what makes him come back after days of stress and broken spirit, it’s the fucking VISION that makes him come back to work. Now let me tell you what the fucking vision is:

The Vision for Wonderland was to be this, DAIO. An organization with all kinds of people, online, working together using social media and crypto/blockchain technology to create and manage what is essentially an online/decentralized/crypto/ investment company run by, a dao. #daio

Using the power of crypto, De-Fi especially, but also some Metaverse and NFT stuff (and whatever stuff crypto has to offer in the future), we can use our collective force and our funds to make investments and partnerships but more importantly we could make some business acquisitions, (where we own most, or all of the company,) these will generate a nice monthly revenue for all members of the DAIO as well as the Treasury, which will be used to re-invest in the organization, and to invest in more blue-chip, AAAA+, start-ups and already established companies.

The goal is to use our WAR CHEST (treasury), to build an ARSENAL of income streams (revenue share).

Imagine 10, 20, 50, 100, revenue streams each making minimum $500-$1,000? #vision!
Wonderland would gain so much fame and attention everyone would want to join, but they can’t, because it’ll be exclusive. Or maybe we’ll open doors once a year for new members. Whatever, we’ll see what the future holds
but dont lose the vision of being the first Decentralized Autonomous Investment Organization.

Ok, there needs to be a clear structure in this organization. In other words, this organization needs to get fucking organized. Just like fellow DAIO member @mykle200 suggested in his proposal here Proposal for a properly staffed Wonderland team w/ background checks

"For the Wonderland project to move forward, recover, and be successful I propose a team of professionals that have back ground checks and/or doxed be built to include

  • Vice President to work side by side with Dani (Dani’s vision VP executes that vision)
  • Chief Financial Officer (replace Sifu)
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Marketing & PR Director
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Legal Officer"

We need professional TEAMS to handle and execute the needs of each separate department in this organization, with us members of the DAIO being the ones who manage Wonderland as a whole and call the shots. Each department will have to make a proposal for any change they want to make or an idea they have.
-No person or group shall make a move in this organization without the majority vote of Wonderland Investors. (this includes Dani and managers in each department)
Each department will have a leader/manager that represents the department and reports back to us. and keeps in contact in the discord-
Discord Structure -
All mods under one title, one colour
Each department with its own colour in the discord with its members, so like PR department will be pink, all members will have have a pink name. Treasury Management white, Legal team blue. Whatever you get the idea.

We need to hire the CFO(treasury manager) ASAP. Seems like Bastion Trade group was the first to propose they take over, so i say we give them a shot, we can always fire them later, but at least this way we pass down the keys to the $700mm treasury instead of abolish it.
Masa aka @TheSkyHopper from this Bastion Trade group is friends with Dani, and they would work side-by-side on this.

They are doxxed, a bunch of crypto traders, thats a good start but more importantly we would need to see their ability to find and close investment deals, partnerships mostly. If they cant meet our demands then we will either fire them or hire a separate business/research team to work with them. We kind of have to go with the flow for now to see what problems might arise so we can tackle them quick and move on with the DAIOs progression.

We need a PR team asap! We need social media management! We need mods to actually be good at moderating the Discord. I know we want to be fair and you know, freedom of speech and all, but in times like this, in times of uncertainty and confusion, its best to be a little firm, ban or time out the fudsters, the discord is powerful, what people say goes around and even onto other platforms as well. It’s how you set the tone that determines the sentiment of the chat.
(nft solution discussed later in “future” section).

We need WEEKLY reports, released every Sunday. Of progress/performance, goals, needs, analytics, accomplishments, proposals, etc. JUST GIVE US THE DATA! As much of it as possible. It’s our Data, belongs to the Wonderland Investors. We need it to make decisions.

We need another, professional face, beside Danis to represent us. Too much just for Dani to handle.

We need a legal team. Dont know much about this one. I`ll leave this section, it’s not for me. But for business, definitely need a few lawyers to go through every partnership and acquisition we make. make sure everything is peachy you know?

For marketing, i say save that for last, lets get settled, see what happens. We already got attention. And honestly, how many members do you reeeally want in this organization? The more people the harder to control, the more people the less exclusive it is, and the more people the smaller your share becomes. I prefer the exclusive route: I talk about this in the “Future” section.

We need security, cyber security. We have Multisig, important to not give all keys to one team/group. Maybe each manager of each department gets one, few other people. Idk. we’ll talk later about this but we do need audits to bring credibility to the DAIO.

I expect the teams to take care of the community suggestions:

  1. Create an Official Wonderland YouTube Page with a content creation Team
  2. Create an Official Wonderland Twitter account with a dedicated editor/s
  3. Brand new Official Wonderland Discord, with a reputable Mod Team
  4. Create an Official Wonderland Reddit with associated Team
  5. Have the ability to cross reference each so new investors can easily navigate to find what they need.
  6. Complete tutorials and guides for what I mentioned above and in addition to understanding Cross-Chain, Exchanges, Compound Interest on the Token itself etc
  7. A PA for Dani, someone to translate whatever he wants to say through whatever platform so we stop the ‘having a laugh’ attitude. If we are to take this seriously, we can’t have it opinion based from him, it needs to be factual.
  8. A team of helpers maybe volunteers who can bridge between the platforms to help clear up questions, FUD, outright lies and nonsense.
    update website

everything should be “official”, and proper, like a brand. With easy and short animated video explanations.

So its clear we need organization. Once we vote in Bastion Trades (if we do), we’ll see what they request and what their needs are to move forward. I think we will have to find our own teams for everything else. Except legal, i think Dani got that covered. For VP, maybe Andre, maybe someone else.


The comeback is strong with this DAIO. From success to ruins to uncertainty… But the MOON is our destination. In the midst of all this chaos we proved that we are capable of working together as a dao. I feel like that is what Dani and other devs truly wanted to see, even people outside of frog nation, even competitors, they are all watching from a distance to see if this “project” could be done. If random people can get together to create wealth, and more. If we can work together we can accomplish anything. It’s important to listen to your fellow frogs, be open minded, learn, research, investigate, propose, and vote. It actually your responsibility as a member of Wonderland DAIO to participate and stay informed. In all things related to this organization.

For the comeback this is what we do:
-Immediately reinstate new heads of management in all departments, starting with Treasury Management first, which most likely will be Bastion Trades as of now, and Masa will most likely be the face of the team, Treasury Manager.
-Fix broken promises. wEn AirDroP? rev share? liquid staking? liquidation reimbursement? (hey Dani man, i dont care about this one but its what you said that matters, and you said you were going to reimburse those that got liquidated using personal funds, so stick to your word, thats all im saying)
do all immediately, make the people happy. ok step 3:

  • focus on growth, meet the needs of teams as a DAO by voting and making proposals, go HEAVY on the investment part of things (research, funding, closing, department) to really make us grow.
    INCREASE THAT REV SHARE LIST. Secure deals with 20% minimum in partnership. Be greedy, try to get more. Hire Kevin O’Leary for the negotiations. lol jk. But just continue on as before, securing partnerships with blue-chip companies and start-ups is CRUCIAL. It’s our DAIO’s main objective
  • once DAIO is recovered, everything released, earning rev share, buzz going around, we’re killing it, then boom nft collection drops, securing our exclusivity and status amongst the community, generating a bigger buzz,


The future is bright af. The future of this DAIO has all its members earning income from all (or some) of the revenue streams offered by Wonderland DAIO by acquiring partnerships and even full ownership of prosperous or potentially prosperous companies, and using De-Fi to stake and yield cryptos and earn more income, as well as invest in a few high risk cryptos to increase reward, but invest in more low risk cryptos to increase security. All will be used to generate a profit for members of Wonderland DAIO as well as the Treasury itself, it must keep growing. Membership will be exclusive and very expensive.

BING BONG idea alert :bulb:=We could create cool ass looking Frog NFT’s using $10k-$30k of our Treasury money, but not generic pixel art, I’m talking expensive, high quality and unique, like Bored Apes or something. Then we implement a minting mechanism where only wallets with wMemo, at time of a snapshot, (which will be done in total secrecy to prevent arbitrage), will be able to mint a Wonderland-Frog Nation NFT, or just airdropped? nah minting is better actually.
(“wonderland- frog nation” because frog nation is not just wonderland sooo… maybe Dani would want to do something nft related with his other frog nation projects? like Popsicle- frog nation nfts? or maybe the nft could be something exclusive to wonderland then, and not the whole frog nation? could be a key to Wonderland, or a rabbit hole by the tree, (down the rabbit hole.) they could be animated gifs… or a cool Cheshire Cat?.. whatever, back to the topic…)

These NFTs could be used as our admission into Wonderland, our proof to the world that we are part of the worlds first DAIO. And part of Frog Nation. ? It’ll have many use cases…
They’ll be used as our access card into restricted areas of Wonderland like the Rev Share section or we could make the entire website restricted where you need one of these NFT’s to enter, (just have basic information on homepage) with log in button that initiates smart contract authentication. To earn Rev Share, owning wMemo is not enough, you will need to prove authentication of membership into Wonderland-DAIO. The website will detect if your wallet has an authentic NFT which will be your key to gain access to many of the benefits this organization will have to offer its exclusive members. This means you can’t give someone wMemo so they can start earning Rev Share or whatever else, you NEED to be a member of the DAIO, you need one of the NFT’s. (owning multiple does not increase rev share, wMemo quantity determines that, but owning multiple does mean you own multiple keys into the DAIO, you could sell them).

Imagine the NFT was used in order to gain access into the DISCORD!
I swear im just writing as I go. frog big brain emoji here
It would turn the discord into a more serious space, dramatically reduce fud too.

For rarity, we could implement a mechanism in the minting process that detects when you invested in Wonderland and the earlier you invested the more perks you receive. An example would be all investors from 2021 would receive legendary, then all investors in 2022, up to the point of the launch, will receive a rare, and we will have a very very limited amount of common NFTS which will be listed on our marketplace on the wonderland website for new investor to join. (We will release these normal NFT’s whenever the DAIO decides to open doors for new members.)
The Legendary will receive the highest level of rewards moving forward with the project, the rare will have 2nd amount of rewards or perks, while normal/common NFTs will just receive all the benefits of being a member, no special perks, but minting commission is for life, for all types.
If you sell your membership to Wonderland to someone else (the NFT), then:
Common: 10% goes to Treasury, 10% to original minter, 80% to current holder.
Rare: 5% Treasury, 15% minter, 80% holder.
Legendary: 20% Minter, 80% holder.

Legendary will receive +0.1 voting power per memo for seniority/loyalty. (again these are just ideas obviously, please lets work together, talk to me in discord and lets get shit done)
When we have community events Legendary and Rare get perks.
Rev Share extra %?
the benefits and perks will come down to the community making proposals, thats for later, theres a lot to go through in this proposal, the NFT was just one idea haha. And wouldn’t be released until we are already making a comeback.
The NFT wont be used as a catalyst to start a hype/bull run, but will be dropped at a time that will boost us while we are already in a bull run gaining momentum. That is why timing for these NFT’s is crucial, and timing is not Danis strong suit.

The NFT’s can be utilized very well with a game as well. Many ideas for that.

I can see these NFTs becoming the number one in the world beating Crypto Punks and Bored Apes. They can provide tremendous utility with what we are building here. Exclusive membership to an elite organization of humble frogs. No one is going to want to sell their NFT’s, but people will beg to join, especially if all its members are making thousands of dollars every month, passive income. Each NFT could be as expensive as a Bored Ape if not more.

I can see us being on the news. and maybe even SNL.

again, you guys gotta have the VISION!

even like longer term thinking, like way later we’re huuge- we can create a world in the Metaverse called Wonderland, not just for members of the DAIO but for everyone, although members will have special privileges and perks within this world. There could be like an Amusement Park with VR rides and tons of play to earn carnival-games. And a shopping centre in Wonderland but with REAL shops so its like online shopping but in the Metaverse where you walk around, and our partnerships for the stores will be well known brands as well as high-end brands. Casino in the world (bsgg could get involved?) Create a stadium within Wonderland world to host real world e-sports and games. etc. lots of possibilities here with this upcoming metaverse tech… profits and fees from this Wonderland world will go to treasury and members.

We can do real world partnerships and acquisitions, legal team will have to help us with this one. Work with companies even cities. We can fund any project if our treasury is big enough, funding these projects will generate an income for us for life. It’s time we think big, get big, and go up against these hedgies and their vc’s.

Ok im pooched, I wrote a lot man, took over like 4 hours. cause my ADHD would not allow me to hash this out in 1 hour lol.

So here are some of my ideas. Hope you read it. Hope you like it. I think we should start making an effort as a DAIO to work together, this is the first time you actually have SOME control over your crypto investment. We can control so much fucking money so lets use that to make us more money, repeat the cycle. Lets steer this ship to success. Lets make some fucking history.

So dont lose the vision, you were never supposed to sell your tokens. They were supposed to be used in order to earn you a share of all associated revenue streams. Wonderland was supposed to make you quit your job. Dont lose sight of that. It can still happen. We got nothing to lose, let the new guys run things, see how they do, if they are bad, we fire them. Find another company to manage. But atleast we pass down the keys to the treasury and dont destroy it. Thats the worst thing you can do.

:frog: :fist:


I vote for this great plan



I for one, really appreciate the effort you put into this.

One of my main gripes and nothing to do with your proposal is the following:

In addition to your scope, we need to look at what went wrong as well and I don’t mean the Dani and Sifu stuff.

From the outset the Whitepaper was never updated, I’m pretty sure your scope covers this so that’s fine.

We need clear guides, for investing, staking, minting and cross-chain.

Same for Wallets and swap sites like Trader Joe and Sushi-Swap for example.

I spent a lot of time on the Wonderland reddit forum and the amount of people who had absolutely no clue what they were doing was staggering.

I propose you add the following into your proposal:

  1. Create an Official Wonderland YouTube Page with a content creation Team
  2. Create an Official Wonderland Twitter account with a dedicated editor/s
  3. Brand new Official Wonderland Discord, with a reputable Mod Team
  4. Create an Official Wonderland Reddit with associated Team
  5. Have the ability to cross reference each so new investors can easily navigate to find what they need.
  6. Complete tutorials and guides for what I mentioned above and in addition to understanding Cross-Chain, Exchanges, Compound Interest on the Token itself etc
  7. A PA for Dani, someone to translate whatever he wants to say through whatever platform so we stop the ‘having a laugh’ attitude. If we are to take this seriously, we can’t have it opinion based from him, it needs to be factual.
  8. A team of helpers maybe volunteers who can bridge between the platforms to help clear up questions, FUD, outright lies and nonsense.

I think this will really help :slight_smile:


NO, please let us have ONE channel to communicate!

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The issue I personally have is that if we don’t create official ones, people who need help might end up not getting it.
I think YT is a must myself.

What would you prefer?

I agree. I added it to the proposal. Everything should be “official”.


Just need to add sell tax.

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The most comprehensive proposal put forward yet. Definitely has my support.

What of this 5 day clause in WIP#4. How do we know treasury isn’t about to get dissolved anyway?

Do we need to submit a proposal only, or does it have to be adopted?

And what of the multisigs? Do we need to have some designated for hangover before the deadline?

Is this something we really have to worry about??

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I’m all for continuing. Always saw this project as an experiment, one where I could potentially lose my stake or make a packet. Innovation will die if it isn’t backed. This proposal is comprehensive and should get as many eyes on it as possible. In particular, it would give a major boost to stepping up the professional way in which the various functions are managed.

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Take this to RFC ASAP!!


Sounds amazing! Moving onwards and upwards!

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