**** The Frog Nation NOW re-stabalization Act ****

Dear frens,

As you all know 1/16/2022 will be a day to remember in infamy. We have lost a great deal of our fellow green slimy brothers. And to the ones who have managed to still survive and cling on, HOPE and faith in the project are now all we got. With CRYPTO winter just knocking on our door, it’s a matter of $TIME before we could see another downward catalyst that could potentially unravel our green financial treasury.

As of right now, we are teetering towards our darkest hour. We need to see the power within come to light and make the very investment in ourselves. Wonderland is truly an amazing vision. In that, it enables individual tadpoles and frogs across many species and geographies coming together to unite, create and launch our imaginations into realities. Our founders Dani and Sifu built us this amazing eco-system pond for us to grow and most all help one another.

Well, here we are and we’re now in a situation where we all need to help each other. And I’m afraid we’re not dealing with ordinary circumstances. We need a bold and sound solution that will enable us to grow and fortify us against any future financial calamities going forward.

State of Treasury (1/20/2022)

NAV: $960M

36% - Sushi Swap

28% - Wonderland

18% - Wallet

16% - Other

And so, I’m proposing a series of actions and planning that will enable us to achieve the following:

  • Instantly and dramatically increase the value of our token price (wMemo, memo, $time)
  • Stabilize asset values
  • Fortify our protocol against violent market volatility.

How do we instantly and dramatically increase the value of our token price?

By introducing the Reactive Instant Buy Back Institutional Treasury (RIBBIT) program. That’s right, during an uncertain period (we are in an uncertain period) wonderland under this declarative emergency, shall immediately allocate from its treasury an amount of no greater than 10% and no less than 3.5% to purchase wMemo, $TIME from all corresponding open markets. Purchases need to be made over a series of days to the competent abilities of present management (Sifu, Dani).

How do we fortify our protocol against violent market volatility?

Lower leverage thresholds on ABBRA - Immediately and permanently reduce degen facilities that allows our fellow but naïve reptilians to barrow irresponsible amounts of leverage on ABBRA. Last I checked, it was north of 50%. This cannot stand. Especially for a protocol that is this new and this volatile. This needs to be SET to no more than 17.5%.

Wonderland is a fund, and we pride ourselves to be fiscally responsible. Anything greater than this is toxic, self-fulfilling and dangerous.

How can we attract smart money grow our treasury?

Let’s burn - At present, we’re slightly above intrinsic value. From future POV investors looking in, it indicates that we’re a fund based solely on cash value with no extrinsic and or periphery assets. We all know that we’re making money, and have made some solid long-term bets and yet, we will still be perceived as being cheap. Unfortunately, the market is not responding and we’re not getting NET buyers to help us grow our treasury or moon our token.

We currently have way too many tokens due to our incredibly successful minting program. And so, I propose we initiate a sensible burn schedule to accommodate for greater token kinesis. Remember we are the DAO, we can always change and accommodate these settings in the future. But at present this needs to be done today and now!


Like you I am an investor in wonderland and tbh I hold a large number of $MEMO. I never sold or tried to be cute by attempting to game the Frog Nation. Which is why we need you guys to get this act proposal and motion to pass. We are indeed lucky to have Dani and Sifu running the ship, but we also need to give them the tools and infra to help them, help us succeed.

Notes About me:

Reformed Wall Street engineer-suit and now a frog and investor in Wonderland…

L F G!!!


just finished the read, some bright and noteworthy suggestions however, i dont think we should just use the tresuary to instantly boost the price up to a set price. price should be able to grow back organically so that it doesn’t drop the TB signifigantly in the process, but agree with the rest, high leverage is something that is going to kill this project and should be dealt with. giving anyone and everyone the freedom to leverage 50%+ and also being able to take borrowed mim, reinvest it for wmemo, and leverage more on there leveraged position should not allowed and i truely belive this should be done away with asap, its literally the degen move everyone was doing hence the crash.


I like that it is well written and thought out. I agree on the Abra changing the cauldron to be limited to 30% only. Potentially the new limit orders for sushi could help in this department.

We just need to be careful about how this program would be implemented and not taken advantage.

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We definitely need to regain trust and confidence in the market. We need a timeline on the latest changes as well as a clear proposal for the revenue share model so we can understand where we are moving towards. We went from investors using calculators to get them excited, to allowing them to borrow irresponsibly (because of temptation I guess), to switching to wMEMO from rebasing MEMO… it’s a lot of changes that didn’t sit well with the wider community. I agree with the above and we also now need a clear road map for the coming weeks please… and we need it asap.

Want to first thank you for your time writing this however honestly do you not think dani/sifu have already thought through the multitude of options available to them to stabilise/increase our price? They know the space, the fund, the protocol, the defi LP space, upcoming opportunities, developers/new protocols, etc MUCH MORE DEEPLY than any of us. Just let them do their thing. They have our interests at heart and are incentivised to get this thing going. Play the long game and you will not lose. I too am in this with 6 figure investment and am down 58%. You backed them when you entered so let them do their thing. We will get there.

Separately regarding burning and tokenomics, listen to Tetranodes comments in the last UpOnlyTV interview. Its not that good of a model long term. See here: Tetranode on being an activist whale for Ethereum projects - YouTube

Just relax and let them do their thing. Theyve already thought through a tonne of options like the above and I trust they will be doing whatever it takes to get us to Valhalla.

Any timestamp about this ?

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