The Frog Nation Solve (A proposed way fwd)

Frog Nation: A clear view to leverage our best talent and show the doubters this is the most powerful idea in DeFi.


Frog Nation is a collective of projects that has some of the best talent in all of DeFi. It is an ecosystem that works together to push Defi and the overall crypto industry forward. Let’s lean into that!

This proposal looks brand Wonderland as the SPAC arm of Frog Nation. Treasury management falls under OxMerlin and the team at Abracadabra. This will allow us to focus on finding new team members who we bring on to focus on 1) partnership opportunities and acquisition 2) community communications 3) marketing and PR.

Wonderland has always collaborated with Abracadabra building strategies which have produced incredible yields and enviable performance and there has always been great synergy between the Abracadabra and Wonderland teams.

WL Treasury management:

OxMerlin and the team at Abracadabra Money have proven to be pillars of cross chain DeFi, consistently innovating and revolutionizing the DeFi landscape. The talent to manage and exponentially grow the Wonderland treasury is already within Frog Nation - we should leverage this while focusing our recruiting efforts on the roles that need filling.

Wonderland team expansion:

Wonderland launched in September 2021. During its initial phase, the DAO focused on community growth and treasury diversification, quickly amassing a treasury of $1B USD and growing its community to more than 360,482 users. It’s an incredible feat.

As we track forward we need to expand the team.

  1. Partnership opportunities and acquisition:

Wonderland the has already obtained early stage token investments into a betting platform and NFT game as well as actively fund new products such as an upcoming Avalanche Liquid Staking product. We need to bring someone on to continue this amazing track record - focused on finding and securing these investments for the DAO.

  1. Community communications:

Wonderland is the largest DAO in the World. It is an incredible collection of people from all over the globe - active in all time zones 24 hours a day. As we grow we need someone focused solely on the timely and accurate communication of what’s happening when and how. No small task but critical as we continue to grow and thrive.

  1. Marketing and PR.

The goal of Wonderland has always been to become “the most successful DAO organized fund. Giving anyone the opportunity to be an investor, and allow them to get the upside of the economy.”

With our size and scale we need a team focused on Wonderland’s narrative. As we’ve learned recently if we don’t tell our own story other’s will do it for us - and being biggest and best makes us a target. We need to show the world who we are and what we (and Frog Nation) stands for. Doing that alone will bring in a flood of wonderful new members.

The last week has been a tough one. But we’re nothing if not resilient. With this proposal we look to leverage our existing community strengths with a focus on building and the incredible things that are ahead of us.

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