The future of Wonderland is to be swallowed by Abracadabra?

Dear members what we saw in the past one month is extremely painful and sad. I really believed in the Wonderland project. I liked the energy that Daniele put into the project. With the beginning of the bear market, I saw an increased level of confusion in the direction of the project. The last proposal more than a proposal sounds like a capitulation. I don’t like it. As a frog community, we should come out with a different proposal. I have few proposals that I would like to discuss with you:
a) Let’s go back to the original idea. Time is our token.
a) I liked the idea of becoming some sort of a VC and the first few steps were in the right direction. Shouldn’t go back and expand it?
b) Let’s stop any sort of leverage on Abracadabra or other platforms. The damage was incredible for all of us.
Let’s make an alternative proposal to be up for voting.

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