The only useful Proposal

Seeing that the No vote for winding down wonderland very, very clearly wins, despite 15% of voters not being able to vote at all, that would also largely vote on favor of no, it is very clear that wonderland has to prevail.

dani seems to ignore this because he wants the treasury and wants out. the only thing left to do now is to vote for a new management team and remove dani, and everyone belonging to his team and let them hand over everything to the new management. because thats exactly what the vote says has to be done.
if anything else happens it just means that dani intentionally throws away his reputation and the future of DeFi. and why would he do that? because he wants the treasury. if this is not a rug then i dont know what is.

Tldr: Dani and his whole team has to go and has to hand over everything to the new management because thats what the winding down wonderland vote has decided.

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Don’t agree – Dani is a visionary and without him this project is as good as dead anyways.
Saying that he wants the treasury and wants out (i.e. insinuating he’s trying to steal what’s left) is pure conjecture. The poor guy probably hasn’t slept and has been through as much of an emotional roller coaster than the rest of us – I’d like to know what his official response is once the vote on winding down Wonderland closes.

are you kidding me? dani lied into your face. he ignores the DAO vote and does what he wants. he is doing everything AGAINST the frogs and is only helping whales at this point. all he does is talking bullshit and painting himself as the victim while clearly lying about facts. how can you still believe his bullshit after today? stockholm syndrome?
the official action what happens after is already clear. dani said what is going to happen. he doesnt care for the vote. he lies about the outcome. 15% of all voters couldnt even vote and he doesnt give a rats ass about it. in any other voting system a vote where not everyone can participate would be immediately void.

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