The silencing needs to stop

They ban you from every Wonderland discord server. They ban you from the WAGMI server, they censor you for speaking up. They delete your posts on this forum for addressing the importance!

Transparency is needed. Mods are power hungry and need to stop. Imagine silencing people who invested money into your project. Our voices shouldn’t be censored.

Maybe the WL team needs better training. The more they ban the more investors get angry. Instead they should listen and ask the WHY questions, assess the situation and propose a solution or offer a helping hand.

But instead they just ban everyone. This is insane


Ser, maybe it’s because the things you say are inappropriate ? There are some mods that are in both I believe, but the majority of WAGMI mods are different from the WL mods as far as I know.

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That is exactly what is happening!

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Ser, lies will be silenced. Thank you.

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Who determines what a lie is? Dr. Fauci maybe?

Edited because I had an Internet outage. I wanted to add:

The majority of those censored people are not being offensive, but only expressing their opinion. They are INVESTORS, after all and where would this project be without investors?

The censorship in the press over the past 2 years is killing society. Let’s not repeat that mistake here, but foster an open debate. That is what forums are for.

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Did you just literally generalize every content? What are lies? Instead of generalizing maybe, you can pick out specific examples.
I can tell you have a lot of growing up to do and at this point you won’t be working in any higher management role lol, because you’re not trying to solve to problem but instead you’re just slapping a label on a issue that clearly many are addressing and you pass it as “yep, good to go, fixed!”

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Truth does, but what is truth?!

@disconnected you are making assumptions. That being said, I take my self growth really importantly.

If you have contructive feedback for me or Wonderland. Feel free to reach out.

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As an investor here, your personal education is NOT my responsibility. You would need to speak to your boss. If investors have questions then that is YOUR responsibility to clarify and answer.

But ser, if you are a frog, you are family. Family stick together <3

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Threats, doxxings, and calls for mob mentality are not going to be tolerated. If I recall you were banned for statements such as “EVERYONE DOX DANI FIND HIS ADDRESS, POST IT AND LET NATURE TAKES ITS COURSE”. BAN STANDS. Mods dont ban people for opinions. People are banned if they spread untruths, advocate doxxing or violence, call people names, make threats, etc. Its common sense. Be an adult, and you dont get banned.

If you wish to accept a degrading term like ‘frog’, then that is your choice. I do not accept it. We are all investors. I am a long term investor, but not a whale or a person who leveraged.

Ok, then we investors together. Both hoping for this project to succeed ? If so, we are on the same “team”.