The strategies not just tactics will win the day

I’d really like to see us all to win including the project as a whole.
1.Sifu has got to go end of story. Any association with him going forward is just going to be an anchor around our next if we want to be taken seriously.
2.wMemo must equal backing needs to be done automatically but implemented in a way that isn’t easy to be manipulated. (Since wMemo went live in sushiswap and people didn’t have to go to England to trade that’s when the volatility got out of control).
3. Airdrops promised must happen as planned.
4. Airdrop/revenue share some, sorry I screwed up, memo based on how long people stayed in for.
5. Write a clear-cut vision of concisely how you see the purpose and strategy going forward.
6. Hire the best fund management team we can generate the best ROI.
7. Hire a PR team and communication team
8. Abra liquidations should all go to the Wonderland Treasury minus fees. Sorry guys you leverage yourselves. I didn’t.
9. Make DAO voting power multiplied based on the time a person’s been staked.
10. Have a margarita on me!

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