The Total Game Changer

Hello Frog Nation,

This proposal is attempt to help build equality among all frogs involved within the project. It is an idea that has the potential to create wealth for many years for everyone that is invested.

Now this idea may require some fine tuning and discussion with you as you may recognize some flaws or difficulties with it. The concept is as follows:

We set up a maximum threshold to where rebases for token holders will end. For example if we were to set a threshold around 1/100th of a percent based on either the Market Cap or TVL of Wonderland as a maximum holding for TIME tokens to earn rebases. It would look something like this for example:

500,000,000 Market Cap

400 TIME token value

1/100th percent cap on earnings

500,000,000 x .01% = $50,000

50,000/400 = 125 TIME tokens (this would be the point where rebases would end)

With current daily yield of around 1.8% frogs with that maximum amount of 125 TIME would only be selling approximately 3 time per day in order to maximize their returns. As the projects value increases and decreases so would the maximum amount of TIME.

I feel that this will help control and limit the manipulation of the larger holders within the project and help maintain stronger values and less volatile price action. Conceptually it will also help maintain higher APY’s and allow given time smaller frogs in the project the opportunity to catch up to and be equal to those ahead of them. It is an idea to create an unparalleled project in the DeFi space that can benefit all those involved and offer the potential for generational wealth.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my idea. I look forward to any input that you may have on it and know that we can build something unprecedented in the DeFi space for the entire frog nation. Wonderland will become bigger than anything we have ever seen before.

Sincerely one small frog among the entire frog nation.

Let us Change the World Together.

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I think the idea sounds awesome, but need a little clarity. So it keeps APY up to attract new frogs, maintains rebase rewards coming, stops whale manipulation and potentially increases value of wmemo for long stake holders?

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