This is how we are going to make your money back + profit /Restructuring proposal

Hello, Frogs
Please check out my proposal. I still believe that there is a still chance for Time to recover and make a profit. I am willing to help and not get bad until everyone makes their money back.

Video of my proposal

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Hey dude I liked your video. Simple, no none sense and to the point. Youre right we need real people with real faces and real world credibility from different sectors.

I think you might do well collaborating with this YouTube. I like his energy:

You can find me on socials as @heatscoremusic. Iā€™d love to brainstorm with you on this. I might be able to contribute in some ways as an outside perspective

Thanks for your reply. Please feel free to share it with him and like the post

I uploaded the video on YouTube as well

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