This vote is unfair, here's the proof. SAVE WONDERLAND

I dedicated a few hours of my time to try to save this project that I still believe in.

Some topics inspired me to carry out the task of analyzing all the votes of those who have more than 1 $TIME. I would like to go to the end, but I couldn’t automate my search, so all the work was manual. Imagine the proportion of those who have less than 1 $TIME. The damage is much less.

Topics that might be interesting:

At the time of the search, we had 4899 votes and 2790 people over 1 $TIME. I copied all the data and treated it in a spreadsheet. In this way, we can clearly see that the majority does not want the project to end.

If we stop to think of Wonderland as a decentralized project, why keep power in the hands of the minority instead of the majority? Where is democracy? Forward frog nation!


This is how companies operate “Majority share holders” you may not like it but that is life. We should be able to vote to just get rid of them and continue with Wonderland.


totally agree. the current vote is completely unfair and is clearly in favour of a few whales


I totally agree with you.

I guess this should of been a known conclusion since whales have controlled this project from the beginning.


the problem is that these holders just entered between today and a couple days ago just to cash out everyone. These aren’t shareholders, these are arbitrager who are closing something that no one really want to close, just to eat everyone’s lunch. It’s a flex of power.


there is light at the end of the tunnel for all of us if we get rid of these whales. The market and the decision is clearly in manipulation.


take down the whales, we get sick and tire of them already in our real world


Truly unfair vote… I thought after the last debacle we would be off to a fresh new start

Totally understand what you are saying, but who ever is creating these votes are not using snapshot dates. They seem rigged to be honest. Just like the sale and price drop. Looks like it was lowered on purpose to allow a sale #(insider trading). We need to have a full audit and accountability.

The great irony here is that, in the end, Wonderland turned out to be the exact opposite of what it was intended to be. Big money crushed small investors. All frogs not treated equally. Same rules of the financial jungle apply. Perhaps that middle finger displayed by DS is not for the suits but for the frog nation that believed in his vision. What a fraud.


If you have $500, your losses in case of unsuccessful investments will be small. But if you have invested $5M, the statement “let’s restore wonderland” does not sound so convincing. It is important to understand the difference in risks. Despite the fact that there is still no clear plan / strategy / mission / manager. You want to get rid of the whales, but it is the whales that create the main current.

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The team complains that it has been hard for Popsicle and Abra…

Do they even consider how hard it was for Wonderland? Discord was crazy, no communication, people selling because they thought we were getting rekt because someone stole our treasury, which never happened! And now this, dissolving a 700m treasury and a project with a 300 mcap. We are clearly oversold because of the events of these weeks, and no one can buy and vote now, so unless a big whale comes, the votes will stay pretty much the same. The worst is that Squirrell didn’t give us a choice to make a good and well-informed proposal, and he doesn’t recognize the long-term implications of this. It will establish a precedent in all the frog nation projects. Imagine buying ICE after the hack and voting to dissolve Popsicle in 2 days; how will the ICE holders feel? Dani has his responsibility with sifu, but the other team members have their responsibility by allowing such a careless governance proposal.


do you have any evidence of this. Volume has been at an all time low.

i only like whales when they buy and pump the coin. But if they try to sell…im crying foul.

Why do you think they price has been dropping so much ?

because its a god damn deflationary coin

Listen to what you just said about “i only like whales when they buy and pump the coin. But if they try to sell…im crying foul.” and now what you said …

i have no idea what your getting at, i was taking the piss…you get that right?

So you have no idea what the statement you made mean ? I am confused lol?

This “whales” as you call them come in and buy WMEMO or TIME and then dump it causing a liquidation knock on, then when the price drops forcing the price lower knowing that we had a backing price to buy back which was destroying the treasury balance. " they’re needs to be safeguards put in place

you know that was the result of liquidations right.