Those liquidated waayyy below backing comment here

prevent any further action before those who have gotten unfairly liquidated are heard and reimbursed. that money was obviously stolen. comment here what you guys thing is a good action to take but at all cost this project cant move on leaving us without anything.

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My liq was 22k. I just thought the ‘eco-system’ was cool, it wasn’t about greed at all. Life savings gone. Not reckless or degenerate. WL had the biggest market cap, doxxed team, and a BACKED TOKEN. I felt WMEMO represented a diverse set of assets, so why buy these assets directly myself. I will drive to Dani’s house to wake him up. We’re crypto OGs we have alerts. Total scam. Was prepared to loose half my money over the course of a year if the protocol was not attracting enough investors for some reason. Not all of it in months due to criminals and incompetence.

liquidated at like 24-25k

Just read Dani said he would repay those under him. What was his price? & what happened to the list of all those under backing?

This is ridiculous.

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Everyone deserves a full refund. We can see in the blockchain what time they bought in. The white paper talk airdrops. There was not one airdrop. Someone has to take legal aciton.

Deleveraged at $14900 when my liquidation was just below. 90 seconds later Dani tweets about a vote to close Wonderland and refund with treasury - bounce to 20k :frowning:

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