[THREAD] The vision ... And the future of Wonderland


The Vision

For months Daniele has been talking about his vision for his protocols.

On December 24th, Daniele tweeted a draft of his plan:

  1. Sushiswap as the Multichain AMM & DEX (two separate things)
  2. Abracadabra will allow liquidity to be deployed across all meaningful pairs cross-chain
  3. Popsicle with leverage and tech will allow to execute always at the best price MIM pairs relative to any other market
  4. Wonderland will funnel growth and invest earning from the ecosystem. 2022 will be amazing, and trust me on this, I’m 1000% to make all of this happen.

Since then, a lot of things have changed, but the vision remains.

The Aftermath

After all the drama and the FUD, the ecosystem was broken and shaken up to its core, but the protocols are still standing.

In the last two AMAs, Daniele reiterate his intention to bring his vision to life


The latest one went a bit more into details and laid out some options to make his vision happen or, if the communities choose to, go a different way.

  • One token to rule them all
  • Rebirth of the Ecosystem
  • Status Quo
  • Windown / Rage Quit 2.0

The Future

Keep in mind that none of these options are actua proposals, they only serve as getting the discussions started.

An actual proposal will have to go through the governance process before any of these options move forward.

One token to rule them all

One token to rule them all AKA “the merger”, was the first option presented. Simplify the ecosystem by combining the protocols together.


Rebirth of the Ecosystem

A rebirth of the original vision. Each protocols remains independent, but complement each other to bring the vision to life.


Status Quo

The protocols are going their separate ways, they may work together if the opportunity arise, but each one will focus on themselves and leave the big picture behind.


Wind down 2.0

The Wonderland “experiment” is over, holders are given different options to exit and go on their own way.


Let us know what your vision for Wonderland is ?

  • One token to rule them all
  • Rebirth of the Ecosystem
  • Status Quo
  • Wind down 2.0
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Special mention to Popsicle (ICE) who will be indirectly affected by this.


I’d like a more thorough explanation of what edge popsicle has over wonderland as market maker.
Why can’t wonderland just be market maker?

That’s a good question actually. Would need to see how Popsicle progresses, but technically, Wonderland could be one if that is the road we go towards.

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Awesome work NalX, I like the drop down feature to read all the options. Looking forward for Dani to give us some more alpha and some numbers to work with.

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Rebirth ok. But why need Pop-suck-le and Abraca Dumb Ra?

Why need a dying protocol like Abra. Abra just take WL money. Convex votes, UST risk losses, Spell hodling. Just steal.

Wen Limone. Nothing work. Ded. Just melted sugary water on the pavement.

If rebirth, start fresh. DAO and Community needs professional leaders and managers.

Want to do thing with other Dani project? Go buy fishing rod.

WL no need to be bait.

Better to see if SIFU can do SIFUCADABRA. Use other protocol for trade and liquidity 1 INCH, ROOK, many other ones with REAL TEAMS.

Never be rebirth until somehow Wen LIQ people are properly compensated. They always be around asking. One day they get lawyers. Then what? Wen Liq become court summons on Discord. You want dat?


oppose treasury funds to buy or merge $spell. Someone wants to use WL’s money to cash out their $spell

Its rebirth of the “ecosystem”.

If you don’t want Wonderland explicitely collaborating with Abra and Popsicle, but want Wonderland to continue, then option 3 is what you want.

What? That does not make sense!

It isn’t status quo. Its FREE WL!

Wonderland can be turned into a powerful, independent, functioning protocol with its own projects.

Needs to really truly get rid of the shackles placed on it by this Abracadabra.

Needs the SkyH and Sifu to get multi-sig along with TRUSTWORTHY independents!


I guess to make a good decision , for now , I have not enough information. We should keep in mind that not only WL is trying te establish DEFI - and all the pother initiatives if we try to lay a link to the world - it is WL and many other “countries” with their own ideas/ way of working/ interest of reaching the (probably same goal)… so when merging this would probably be the best option for now in case of alignement and strengthen this project. I guess there should be more info available about working together or merging , otherwise I am afraid there will be n upcoming situation which probably will result in a mill down … … so all out there can we join a meeting with popsicle, abracadabra … or is there already a sort of whitepaper … or have I missed to much the last weeks (business travel).

would really love to get response - either here or in an open discussion on discord.
cheers from Holland

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We dont really have any details on any of these options. It is more a question of taking an early poll to see what the community feels like.

That being said, details are definitly important and would need to be fleshed out in a proposal.

I’m actually for the merger. One token to rule them all. But of course whenever the proposal for all this is, it needs to be properly thought out and written with details for everything. Second option is not bad too imo.

As “Rebirth of the Ecosystem” seems to be the most popular option, I provided some thoughts on how I see Wonderland thriving as the heart of the ecosystem. :point_down: