Throwing my hat in the ring

I volunteer to represent our shared cause, and find the lack of due diligence and accountability to be frankly sickening. I have no clue what the next days will be like, but I am self nominating to replace sifu with myself and three other treasury managers across the world. If I am elected, my first act will be to place a $200k bounty on any information that proves The ex-convict did commit illegal acts and any information that leads to their arrest and conviction in a court of law in the United States. Here is my information, my fellow frog friends know my principles can speak to it. I am currently an executive in clean energy tech, consultant to private equity (wall street) and was in the running for the BofA investor call. I have personally advised 25B USD in funds and my clients have invested over $125 million at a single time into my recommendations. Also, I am leading a pivot into energy monetization through POW chainWe don’t need much from a treasury manager, but we need clear, honest, and reliable management. Additionally, I have been a victim of fraud and have experienced the hollow feeling it causes. If you are hurting and in pain because of your suspicions given recent news please know you are not alone and that you are more than this. We are limitless, it is time to get this train back on the tracks. We can recover with proper management and governance. If you want me make a comment, promote it, it can only happen with your(the communities) support. If you don’t want me still make a comment. Either way, make a comment or message me questions. I love feedback.


The action plan is being written as we speak, but I am open so feel free to PM any questions you may have.

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If your willing to set up an AMA and get Dani on it with you, I’ll back you. I couldn’t agree more with what your presenting.

What type of ideas do you have a side from what was mentioned? Any ideas for the website? We need open communication at all times. This project can become something extraordinary.

I have a background in management. Built a 25 million dollar company from the ground up. Communication is key to success!


Completely agree. Im bullish as fuck on bitcoin right now and especially lite coin. Im not sure if you saw my previous posts in ideas and suggestions, but I think we could do a lot in the space. I’d like a full remodel of the website, to be honest, it is confusing and dark. We need positivity and we need to make it more formal. I hate wearing suits, but this thing needs to be suited up if you catch my drift. Here is one idea for instance. Discord


Man im not to put down anyone willingly to take the wheels but, who are you? And by judging your pitch here i wouldnt vote for you


I think we learned one lesson with Sifu: No anons for treasury managers.

Would you be OK revealing your name for a background check?


And what’s your name?

You could be worse than Sifu as far as we know.


yes, but not until there is a clear process and possibility of an election actually happening


Will be revealed as things progress.

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I understand your position. I would prefer to have a team to manage the treasury investments with. As things progress I intend to have an AMA with Dani at some point if this progresses. Right now, I fear that most people are very emotionally charged and cannot reveal my identity without fear that I would become a punching bag for people’s emotions.


So what would be the order of things to get done if we vote you in? Also would you be willing to submit to a rolling background check say every 24 months. As well as background check all employees of wonderland and expel the bad actors?

Background checks of that level are not needed if they reveal their identities and doxx themselves.

But for faith in the project they would go along with with retail and I’m sure @ADUMONT would agree complete transparency is the only way forward from this. We need to implement the best of the traditional financial world for difi to really prosper, think about it like this too, if we regulate ourselves in such a way that regulations can’t hurt us down the road.

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I plan to run things how I run my current project. We do background checks annually and audit all financials quarterly. My first principle is diversifying our holdings, a lot of the projects we are in are really cool, but I think that creating tangible holdings would be ideal to preserve value overall and provide stability. I call it HyFi, a decentralized backend with a centralized front end. Basically, I think the biggest value driver right now is energy. I think that the treasury should be actively buying mineral rights and land for the purpose of collecting conservation payments from the federal government. Additionally, I plan to take treasury funds and use them to invest in blue-chip equipment leases which average a 35% ROI with very little risk. Additionally, I would like to develop and purchase mining equipment to mine bitcoins and other POW coins to diversify the treasury. The miners have high resale values so they could be liquidated as needed in the worst-case scenario. I would also like to place funds in other DEFI projects to offset the “lower” ROI of tangible assets.

Without seeing the books and knowing the state of things it is hard to say, but ideally that is just the beginning. This whole project is a culmination of funds to access investments that are unreachable without millions of dollars, so its time to start thinking about this as a wealth creation tool overtime.


Exactly, We have to make sure that everything is done above bored. What is done in the dark always is revealed by the light.

first priority is diversification while increasing accessibility and awareness. I want to implement a tiered sales tax model for large investors.

I think that attracting “regular” people is vital to the overall success of the project. @tanman1991912

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Would you implement lock ups for large withdraw from the protocol To stop whale molestation? Also the brick and mortar front would help bring in more retail investors and if done transparent we could be the model of DeFi/hyfi the point is we have a little bit of time left to stoke the flames in this project and we need to move

Appreciate you offering to take this on.

This is a respectful question and I mean no offence, but I am however wondering why you would want to take this on given your experience, background and client relationships which may all potentially be placed at risk with being involved with this?

I ask because I am a lawyer by background and have lead multiple fund raisings, M&A transactions, IPOs, SPACs and so have a very deep knowledge and skill set in this area but I would not put all of that at risk to enter what could potentially be a minefield and eventually see a criminal investigation take place where any wrong doing is discovered.

Closing this down and setting up a new structure which from the very outset has the appropriate governance, communication infrastructure, transparency principles, background checks, audit mechanisms etc must surely be the way forward.

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I agree with you on the management.

interested to hear more about what you have to say on a live, video, fully-doxxed ama. let’s go.


An interesting take. I believe that perhaps yourself and @ADUMONT should discuss legal ramifications. In terms of a longer plan, what we need right now ARE people willing to step in and lead and take the reigns of this situation. We could potentially roll this all into a new entity, but we need to effectively communicate that from ONE voice to the DAO to have any hope of success. I don’t know this individual, but just seeing someone remotely qualified willing to throw their hat in the ring got me off my ass and into this forum to respond. I’ll follow someone willing to lead through some turbulent times.

I for one will put myself down as a potential signer on the multi-sig. What we need RIGHT NOW are people willing to step up in the interim and hold the line until we can take a beat as a group and make real decisions. I am willing to dox myself to a core team and stand up as a person of character to help make sure fellow frogs don’t get completely rekt again.

@ADUMONT I would like to propose to pull the liquidity from Sushiswap until we are able to settle the dust and regroup with a plan moving forward, including some key positions within the community. I know that might sound radical but we are after all in a new space, we are a POL (protocol owned liquidity) and we can do that, whereas previous projects were/are at the mercy of LPers as to whether or not they survived in such moments.